Changing educational environments, new communication channels and instant access to the Internet by students are some of the new challenges teachers and educational institutions have to deal with.

Edtech Turnitin will address these challenges from an educational perspective in the new edition of the virtual event. Turnitin Summit America 2022. Admittedly, academic and student campuses have experienced several years of uncertainty.

The implementation of a forced virtual model, which later became hybrid, confronted professors and students in contexts for which they were not prepared and in which many institutions had to improvise.

After all this restructuring, the world of education not only had to react quickly, but also had to find a new way to strengthen communication between relevant actors to enable learning, guarantee quality teaching and promote values ​​such as responsibility, honesty and ethics. especially in virtual environments.

And although at the moment everything falls into place, the difficulties do not end. Unlike yesterday and possibly tomorrow, technology has become a great ally for institutions, teachers and students today.

However, as María Belén Correa, Director of LATAM at Turnitin, says, “technological development not only progresses positively to solve problems, but as innovative solutions are implemented, innovative ways are created to avoid them or use them inappropriately”.

If all these changes put something on the table, it is the ease with which students today can take shortcuts in their teaching processes using the tools at their fingertips on the Internet.

“It is very important to encourage examples of formative feedback for the teaching-learning process. Taking the time to develop communication channels and mentor students is key to avoiding academic misconduct. The problem is that academics often don’t have time to give this quality feedback,” says Correa.

But what can teachers and institutions do to encourage formative feedback? The expert recommends:

  • Establish multiple communication channels

“As different and adaptive communication channels are opened to each student’s scenarios, the teacher can feel the pulse of the strengths and weaknesses of the groups and better guide the student’s path. The Turnitin Regional Director says encouraging communication in ways that are most comfortable for students can build trust and “feel heard.”

  • Turn assessment into a learning example

Assessment does not have to be a time of stress for either teachers or students. On the contrary, it is an example of education with a student-centered approach. “When students feel seen in the learning path, they have more confidence in asking the teacher before the final submission and with this they improve their work. Also, it is always better to make short assessments and do it in different formats to evaluate the progress of the group rather than one big final assessment,” adds the professional.

  • Enforce a code of ethics

To reaffirm students’ commitment and avoid the growing practice of bad practice, implementing a code of ethics for the course or institution is key to clarifying what is and isn’t allowed and what the consequences are. every move.

  • Feedback and more feedback

Creating continuous feedback loops can help improve student outcomes. “It is well known that teachers are unlikely to have unlimited time to provide feedback with all they have to do. But there are software like this. Feedback Studio It allows easy, personalized and automated creation of comments,” says Correa.

  • Technology that simplifies processes

Everything that surrounds education implies time. Review time, time for evaluation, time for feedback, time for communication and analysis. However, as technology binoculars Thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence, it reduces the qualification time by up to 50% or Draft Coach This allows students to self-check their work, marking text similarities and grammatical or spelling errors before they reach the final review. “Technology is a great ally for reducing stress and improving the teaching-learning process. It is to combat technology-based bad practices with educational innovation”.

Turnitin Summit America 2022

This new annual version of the regional academics meeting organized by Turnitin will discuss these issues and how to solve them through innovation. Speakers from different educational institutions in Latin America will be present to cover and discuss how to foster learning in an innovative way.

Academics and experts on new educational trends from organizations such as Cornell University, University of Monterrey, University of Santa Fé, Argentina; Universidad Area Andina de Colombia, University of California and Edtech Turnitin will share and resolve doubts with academic leaders across the region to face today’s challenges.

The event will be held online between dates. 04 and 06 October and can be heard simultaneously in English, Spanish and Portuguese. To participate in this event, you must register at the address below. connection.

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