Games Incubator has announced a new real-time strategy game that you might like if you’re following the series. Rings of Power or are you a fan LOTR: City of Elves.

studio responsible for games like Animal Shelter, Car Detailing Simulator, Cemetery Simulator or Police Clash, He offers us to assume the role of ruler of the elven empire, and our task will be to build a castle on a tree and defend our lands.

About the City of Elves

The magical fantasy world in the City of Elves will be filled with threats in the form of various creatures, but not monsters lurking in the depths of darkness that we should be afraid of.

Our tree fort is the perfect place to build an empire, and other factions know this very well and will do anything to take it away from us at any cost.

We will make positive political decisions that will shape diplomatic relations between our empire and other tribes. In this fantastic magic world we will have to develop technology, develop our armies, play turn-based scenarios and expand the territory.

These are your main properties:

  • build your empire: Gather resources and use them to build new areas in your tree castle. Build warehouse rooms where you can store resources, food, weapons and merchandise. Build a forge, furnace, armory, tax collector, mage tower, torture chambers and more.
  • Develop new weapons: Order weapon production at the forge and discover new weapons that will be useful to your elves in battle. Collect magic crystals that will allow you to upgrade your weapons to increase the effectiveness of your attacks. Remember that wizards can only be defeated with magic weapons.

  • defend your kingdom: Defend your jungle kingdom against invaders and forces of nature. Your elven troops will engage in deadly combat on the outskirts of the forest to defend themselves from invasions. Play turn-based battles and make tough tactical decisions to help your soldiers survive the upcoming battles. Build armies of different units (archers, knights, axemen, and more) to fully prepare for what your opponents have to offer.
  • Develop new traps: In the shaman laboratories, design new traps and defenses to help you defend the forest castle. Get blueprints to unlock deadly new mechanics. Test on insects before starting production.
  • Trade and make friends: Explore towns and villages. Meet the elf merchants and thieves. Listen to local rumors to avoid making wrong decisions. Modify the resources and special items produced in your castles.

  • Explore the magical and harsh world of elven fantasy: Send expeditions to previously unknown areas such as ruins, swamps, forests, mountains and islands. Explore elven water castles and chat with other groups of elves. Conquer the territory, gain power and prestige that will help you collect taxes for the manufacture of weapons and inventions, so you can conquer higher forest castles.
  • Discover new spells: Learn new protection and combat spells. Learn about alchemy and design your own magic books. Join the wizard guild to unlock the ability to summon spooky creatures to help you fight the invaders. But beware, black magic can turn against you!
  • Create a unique character for your elf: Collect interesting artifacts and prestigious clothing that arouse respect and help you in business and political negotiations. Arouse fear among your opponents.
  • game scenarios: Play real-time scenarios where you use your elf’s unique abilities, play tactical battles with the leaders of other factions, fight and steal from evil traders, or meet elf women who will sit next to you. royal throne.

City of Elves Coming to PC, release date not signed yet but you can do it now Add it to your steam wishlist.

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