We’ve reached the first third of the season, and Fantasy Football executives have had many questions resolved in the pre-season regarding the use and abilities of some players. However, new doubts arose in the unpredictable players, and for some came despair.

Got Najee Harris, Kyle Pitts, Ezekiel Elliott, Allen Robinson or Dalton Schultz? If you answered yes to any of these players, you should be on the verge of despair, so here we tell you what options you have and whether it’s time to panic.

RB Najee Harris – Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers running back were drafted by Fantasy executives in the first round and have not performed as expected so far, having a total of 89 yards and five receptions with no touchdowns in their best game of the season this season, if we translate them into Fantasy points, these are 8.9 in Standard or 13.9 in PPR.

What to do with Najee Harris? If you’re in a Dynasty league, you probably have no choice but to leave him on your roster, but check out his predictions and matchups to know when to queue him up.

If you’re in the redraft league, don’t despair and better yet hope you have a good week– or at least decently – and Seek trades with JK Dobbins, David Montgomery or Jerry Jeudy.

TE Kyle Pitts – Atlanta Falcons

Falcons’ tight end is far from what one might expect, averaging 6.25 fantasy points per game. Unfortunately, talent in the TE position is scarce so I would recommend it to you in this situation. Keep him on your roster and pray for your connection with Mariota to begin. Release on waivers or attempting a trade may be harmful to you.

RB Ezekiel Elliott – Dallas Cowboys

When Dak Prescott’s injury looked like it would benefit the Cowboys’ running game, that didn’t happen and Elliott’s managers are already planning to offer him a trade.

Again, i would be calm cAs the Cowboys run back, because on his horizon the panorama unfolds as Lions, Bears, Vikings, Colts, Texans and Jaguars.

Now, if you absolutely don’t trust ‘Zek’ anymoreExpect him to perform well against the lions and Bid for Miles Sanders or Amari Cooper.

WR Allen Robinson II – Los Angeles Rams

Congratulations on your patience if you continue to have Robinson II on your roster! but I’m sorry to say that there is no longer any way to justify his poor performance. set it free and go your way. As long as you’re in a very deep league, you can keep him on the bench.

TE Dalton Schultz – Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys tight end was overlooked by Cooper Rush and he also struggled with a knee injury. TE is listed as a suspect for the Week 6 Eagles game, so I understand you’re panicking.

But as we pointed out at Pitts, talent is scarce in the TE position, and in Schultz’s case, Dak Prescott’s return will help him improve his numbers, so be a little more patient.

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