this entertainment for all audiences With the celebration of Spain’s National Day on October 12, this atypical week with a holiday on the equator will not be missing. About Second vacation in a few days in A Coruña, It was the Rosary Day, a local holiday since October 7. The weekend will leave no room for boredom, as a large number of events will accumulate in the city. urban sports and electronic music, inclusion, concerts, football and musicals.

Most of the events are announced in advance, for example, race enki will have 10,000 runners whose aprons run out in a week, or line, one of the most popular themed parties in the world, and few tickets left until its celebration in Expocoruña is a few days away. Instead, other quotes like below Art!, A very experienced entertainment option for all audiences with its music, gastronomy and extras born in the city in 2018, its detailed program and venues will continue to be kept secret until Friday, October 14.

this main events This weekend in A Coruña:

Street games

An image from the previous edition of Street Games.

The biggest urban sporting event returns One Koruna After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. Parkour, slackline, break dance, psychoblock main series or speed climbing These are the disciplines that participants can enjoy during the weekend, especially from 14-16 October in El Parrote square. The program will start with a presentation on Friday at 18:00 and will have two parts. Free track, slackline and break dance sessions at 18:30 and 20:00.While it is possible to register for the competition and receive training, speed climbing.

Will be workshops track and slack line between 11:00 and 13:00, to wake up from 12:00 o’clock hip hop at 1:00 in the afternoon and to break From 16:00 on the 15th, from 17:00, a break dance jam and a slackline exhibit. this open speed It is scheduled for 12:00 and psychoblock exhibition 21:00 hours will close the day.

The event will end on Sunday free session of various disciplines and various workshops parkour, break and slackline both in the morning (12:00 and 13:00) and in the afternoon (16:00 and 17:00, excluding break dance, which will be the first). The organization also came up with a plan. speed climbing workshop and free psychoblock session, both at 12:00 noon.

Enki Racing

Enki career in previous editions.

Two and a half kilometers of laughter, joy, color and animation” 10,000 supporting runners will face A circuit of 2.46 kilometerswill happen this saturday October 15 at 16:00 It will have different obstacles such as around the city center of the city of Hercules and flour war, water party or zombie chase with A Coruña Firefighters. In this issue, there will be innovations such as car washes, the obstacle of Marines Enki or the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC). Under the slogan #Correporunmundoimperfecto, A Coruña will host the ninth edition of the only test for Galicia’s inclusion, in which 30 organizations from the entire community will support Enki.


El Row’s Garden of Chaos in the previous edition.

East October 15 will host the Expocoruña venue one of the biggest theme parties of the world. The reason for the event to loop over will be c.El Bosco’s Garden of Earthly Delights painting, will fill the premises with color and music The Garden of Chaos scene by artist Okuda San Miguel. Most of the tickets have already been sold out and people from different parts of Galicia and Portugal are expected to attend. Marc Maya, Florentia, Sam Paganini or Ida Enberg part of to line up This appointment will begin It will last until 17:00 and 02:00.

Monte Alto Festivals

God bless you Crew.

neighborhood high mount will celebrate Saturday, October 15th parties with a poster chaired by God bless you Crew and Treixadura. The festive day will begin with the band’s performance Xacarandaina at 12:00 in Campo de Marte. At 13:30, there is a restaurant on Calle Parque. Calu Duo’s Vermouth session. Afternoon, There will be activities for the little ones in Indalecio Prieto square, Like magic shows, inflatables and popular games.

There will be three performances on Calle Parque at night, Behind the Santo Tomás church, it starts at 21:00. Treixadura will become Crimson and Clover and Dios kete Crew.

Hole X

THE HOLE X is a remastered version of the show he already owns. each one orbit. Without departing from the essence of the original THE HOLE, the new show brings back the most memorable characters: Vinyla Von Bismark, Almond or Crazy PonyIn addition to a selection of the most incredible acrobatic numbers and a plot that will not leave anyone indifferent. More than 2,500,000 viewers All over the world they enjoyed what “The Hole” had to offer.

Shows are spread over several days: Friday, October 14, 19:00 – 21:00 and 22:30 – 12:30; 15 October Saturday 19:00 – 21:00 and 22:30 – 12:30 and 16 Sunday 20:30 – 22:30


of the Thursday, October 13-16 at the Teatro Colon in A Coruña. Circlassica It is a circus show for the whole family and is especially geared towards the little ones. Main character Miliki, A 7-year-old boy who dreams of becoming a clown writes a nightly wish on paper. The book of all journeys. Their power is so strong that their world is filled with light, sound and color and they take the stage. acrobats, musicians and trapeze artists. Among them are Don Pepito and Don José, who will help the little one get the coveted clown nose. Directing the show TV Emilio Aragon.

‘Grand Reserve’ by Les Luthiers

Argentine band Les Luthiers.

Les Luthiers premiere his new show “Gran Reserva”Bringing together the great achievements of its history such as “La Balada del 7º Regimiento”, “San Ictícola de los Peces”, “Family Fun”, “La Hora de la Nostalgia”, “Who knew María Amaría”, renewing, bringing together an anthology. a María”, bolero “Forgive him”, “Music and Traditions of Makanoa Island” and “Rhapsody at the Balls”, among others.

Les Luthiers a Argentine group of musicians-actors-humorists baptized as one of the hallmarks of their performance is the use of unusual instruments of their own making. They celebrated their holiday in 2017 50th anniversary and in the same year, they received the highest award conferred by the Congress of the Argentine Republic: ‘Honored Deputy Juan Bautista Alberdi’ and ‘Honor Domingo Faustino Sarmiento’, and also Princess of Asturias Communication and Humanities Award 2017. Cast: Carlos López Puccio, Jorge Maronna, Roberto Antier, Tomás Mayer-Wolf, Martín O’Connor and Horacio Tato Turano.

Deportivo-Linares at the Riazor stadium

Riazor Municipal Stadium.

East On Sunday at 19:00 at the Riazor stadium An important match will be played. Deportivo and Linares, a meeting that will premiere New coach Oscar Canoand that the Coruñes have the opportunity to avoid widening their point margins with teams at the top of the table. Exactly, Linares occupies the second place with Racing de Ferrol, equal in points, and if they take the victory, the difference between the Blues and Whites and Linares will be as follows: 10 points.

Arty’s Programming!


East Friday, October 14, Art! Return to A Coruna. It is an old acquaintance of many A Coruña as it is a 360º party of entertainment. This is the place where good music, extras, food and many surprises are not missing and that came to the city in 2018. The location of this long-awaited initiative is not yet known. It will be announced on Friday, just like him exact timingaccording to sources in the organization.

This is a new kind very experienced fun It is open to audiences of all kinds, with a successful combination of music, gastronomy, artistic creation, live arts and local entrepreneurship. In total, they understood up to 12 sessionsEvents held in A Coruña especially during the summer months and on Sundays. Marina or Moon nightclub were some of the venues.

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