Round 2 of the Basketball Champions League is fast approaching and a total of seven games (excluding Game of the Week on Wednesday) are scheduled for October 11-12.

Take a look at all four matches from Tuesday:

Match 1: Galatasaray Nef (1-0) – Legia Warszawa (0-1) – Group C

Where: Istanbul, Turkey; When: 19.00

– Galatasaray have won six of their last seven games in the BCL regular season, including each of the last four games; they scored more than 80 points in each of their six home matches in the regular phase of the competition.

– Dee Bost scored 23 points against Filou Oostende on Matchday 1, his best record in the BCL since joining Galatasaray; Dee Bost has scored 10+ points in each of his last 11 regular season games in the BCL, and has 5+ rebounds in eight of those games.

– Legia lost their first BCL match 81-84 against Hapoel Holon and will try to avoid becoming the third Polish team to lose their first two matches in the tournament (Start Lublin in 2020-21 and Ostrow Wielkopolski in 2021-22) .

– Legia scored 17 three-pointers against Holon, the most player of any team, on the first day of this BCL season; 63% of his 81 points came from behind the arc, also the highest of any team.

– Legia were the only team to have three players assisted more than 5 times on the first day of this BCL season: Ray McCallum (5), Devyn Marble (5) and Lukasz Koszarek (6).

Match 2: Hapoel Holon (1-0) – Filou Ostend (0-1) – Group C

Where: Holon, Israel; When: 19:30

– Holon and Ostend will meet for the third time in BCL history, with Belgium winning the previous two matches; Holon scored 58 points in the previous home game against Ostend, which is the second lowest home performance for Israel in the BCL (56 against Monaco).

– Holon have won eight of their nine home games during the 2021-22 BCL, including the last five in a row, home-best streak of this tournament; They’ve amassed more than 90 points in each of their last three home games, but have only had one longer streak before, four games between January and October 2018.

– Ostend won the last two away games of the BCL regular season after losing the previous four games; After conceding 85-plus points in just two of the previous 13 games, they’ve lost 85-plus points in each of their last five away games of the regular season.

– Holon’s Chris Johnson has amassed 15 plus points and 10 plus rebounds in his last two regular season games in the BCL, after only making a double-double in his first 21 regular season games; Johnson averaged 20 points and 9 rebounds in his last three games in the BCL.

– Ostend’s Pierre-Antoine Gillet has scored more than 10 points in each of his last two BCL matches, but never reached double digits for most straight matches in the tournament; Gillet has hit multiple three-pointers in each of his last four BCL games.

Match 3: Limoges CSP (0-1) v SL Benfica (1-0) – Group F

Where: Limoges, France; When: 20:30 CET

– Limoges have won only two of their seven BCL games, but these two have come at home; none of his seven matches in the competition ended by more than six points.

– Nicolas Lang of Limoges has scored more than 10 points in 11 of his last 12 BCL games in which he has played for at least 20 minutes, and has hit multiple three-pointers in each of those 11 games; in fact, Lang has scored at least four three-pointers in 20+ minutes in four of his last five BCL games.

– Benfica won their first match in the BCL by winning 89-76 against VEF Riga, but since the start of 2020-21, only in 2021-22 Tofaş Bursa have managed to win their first two away games of the season.

– In the first round of the 2022-23 BCL season, Benfica recorded the most team 15 steals at home in Riga, and together with Surne Bilbao, they had only eight turnovers, a joint minimum, on the first day of the game.

– Benfica’s Aaron Broussard scored more than 15 points in three of his 12 BCL games, two of which were away; He scored 24 points in his single trip to France (against Le Mans in February 2019), making it his highest scoring game in the tournament.

Match 4: BAXI Manresa (1-0) v VEF Riga (0-1) – Group F

Where: Manresa, Spain; When: 21:00 CET

– Manresa won 11 of the 14 home games in the BCL, each of the last four games by 15 points or more; Manresa has scored over 85 points in each of his last six home games.

– Manresa scored just 16 points in the paint against Limoges on Matchday 1, the fewest teams in the first round of the BCL this season; however, Riga lost 44 points from the paint in their previous match, placing second most among teams last week (Bakken Bears, 46).

– Manresa’s Dani Pérez scored 10 plus points in each of his last two BCL games, as in his first 27 BCL games; He became the first player to give Manresa 10+ points, 5+ rebounds and 5+ assists in a BCL game last week (10 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists v Limoges).

– Riga won only two of the 17 away games in the BCL and lost the last eight; however, only one of the last 10 away games has ended by double digits.

– Kristers Zoriks had only the second double-double in points and assists for a Riga player in the BCL last week, after Lester Medford against Gaziantep (12 points, 12 assists) in January 2020 (14 points, 10 – Benfica ); Zoriks hit multiple three-pointers in eight of their 10 away games in the BCL.

Here’s a look at all three matches from Wednesday:

Match 1: Falco Vulcano Szombathely (0-1) v UCAM Murcia (1-0) – Group A

Where: Szombathely, Hungary; When: 18:00 CET

– Szombathely won 10 of their 13 home games in the BCL during the regular season, including the last four; Each of the last 10 regular season home games have ended by 10 points or less.

– Boris Barac de Szombathely scored 226 points in the BCL, currently the most in the league (26 games) of any bench-bound player in the BCL; He has amassed 10 plus points and 4 plus rebounds in each of his last four BCL games.

– Murcia have won 14 of their last 15 matches, including each of their last nine matches during the BCL regular season; Despite leaving behind eight points in the first half, they won 75-72 against Tofaş.

– Murcia took 55 rebounds in the first game, the most of any team; this was also a joint record of 37 games played in the BCL; however, they have never had more than 45 rebounds in an away game in the competition.

– Murcia player Jordan Davis always scored more than 10 points while playing away in the BCL (4 games); in fact, he averages more points when playing away from home (16.3) than when playing at home (13.6).

Match 2: SIG Strasbourg (1-0) – Tofaş Bursa (0-1) – Group A

Where: Strasbourg, France; When: 20:00 CET

-Tofaş won their previous two matches against Strasbourg in the 2021-22 regular season in the BCL; Strasbourg is not more than one point ahead in their two BCL games against Tofaş.

– Tofaş lost their last four matches in the BCL, but never lost a match in a row; Five of the last six BCL games have ended by three points or less.

– Tofaşlı Süleyman Braimoh has scored more than 10 points in each of his last three BCL matches, but has never had such a long streak in 47 league games; He has had exactly 8 rebounds in each of his last three games, after catching more than 8 rebounds in just three of the previous 30 games.

– Strasbourg have won four of their last six home games during the BCL regular season, after losing each of the previous six games; however, they lost their last three home games against Turkish teams in the regular season, most recently against Tofaş in October 2021 (76-74).

– Strasbourg’s DeAndre Lansdowne scored 20 points on his first day against Szombathely, but never went over 15 in back-to-back games in the BCL; He did not score more than 12 points in the four matches they played against Turkish teams in the tournament.

Match 3: UNAHOTELS Reggio Emilia (1-0) v AEK (0-1) – Group B

Where: Reggio Emilia, Italy; When: 20:30 CET

– Reggio Emilia may become the fourth Italian team to win their first two games in the BCL, after Scandone Avellino in 2016-17, Virtus Bologna in 2018-19 and Universo Treviso Basket in 2021-22.

– Reggio Emilia recorded 55.6% of shooting attempts on Day One, the highest scoring rate of any team in the BCL this season; they also made 52.9 percent of their 3-point attempts, the highest percentage from behind the arc.

– Kassius Robertson of Reggio Emilia scored 19 points on Game Day 1, but scored more than 15 points in consecutive games only once in the league in December 2018; He played twice against a Greek team and scored odd points in both matches against Promitheas.

– AEK have lost their last seven away games in the BCL, as well as the previous 24 away games in the tournament; They have lost two of their previous three trips to Italy in the BCL.

– AEK’s Akil Mitchell has tied for 18 plus points and exactly 9 rebounds in the last two BCL games; however, he was on the losing side in both games: this year’s opening game against AEK (19 points, 9reb vs. Pinar Karşıyaka) and last season’s 3rd Matchday against Karşıyaka (18 points, 9reb vs. Manresa).

Match of the week: Telekom Baskets Bonn (0-1) – Pınar Karşıyaka (1-0) – Group B

The stage for the Game of the Week in the Basketball Champions League will be played on Wednesday, October 12 between Telekom Baskets Bonn (0-1) and Pınar Karşıyaka (1-0).

Where: Bonn, Germany (Telecom Dome); When: 20:00 CET

Last week, Bonn lost 88-84 to UNAHOTELS Reggio Emilia, while Karşıyaka defeated AEK 91-88.

– Bonn have lost their last four BCL games, the longest losing streak in this tournament; Three of their last five games in the BCL have seen the winning team lose at halftime.

– Bonn scored 17 points in fast attack situations in their last game and was the most draws on BCL Matchday 1 this season; they were also one of four teams to score 40 plus points (40 points) in paint in the first round.

– TJ Shorts II finished with 26 points and 8 assists against UNAHOTELS Reggio Emilia on Matchday 1 this season, becoming the second Bonn player to score 25+ players and 5+ assists in a BCL game (Joshua Mayo – 26 points, 6th place). November 2018 against Reyer Venice).

– Karşıyaka won seven of the last nine away games played in the BCL regular season, despite being behind in four of these seven wins at halftime; however, they did not win any away matches against Germany in the competition (3 losses).

– Karşıyaka’s Erik McCollum scored 29 points in his first game in the BCL; however, only two players have scored over 25 points in their first two games in league history (Keith Langford and Malcolm Hill).

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