From the moment the use of mobile phones became widespread, all users became dependent on the battery charge of these devices. Although this technology has undergone a remarkable evolution in recent years, and today it has powerful fast charging systems, it continues to take away people’s peace of mind.

It is very normal to have more than one smartphone in a house right now and therefore sometimes a user charges their phone with a different charger than the device case. In fact, in some cases, people use a more powerful charger than recommended by the mobile device manufacturer.

While this happens unnoticed by many, there are some doubts about charging a phone with more powerful chargers than recommended. There are even theories suggesting that this app will help damage the battery and cause a possible explosion of the device.

What happens when a phone is charged with a more powerful charger?

Although manufacturers recommend charging a phone with its own charger, as these should be designed for the needs of the device, use Different charger does not represent a situation that seriously endanger the operation of the mobile phone..

Although modern chargers include technologies to control the flow of energy and reduce the high temperatures they produce, the basis of their work remains the same as that of connectors 20 years ago.

Therefore, almost allAll chargers operate under the maximum output power standardAs a result, a 150W charger will not provide the same amount of power to a phone as the flow of electricity adapts to the connected equipment.

This should not be a problem for the connector as chargers can handle a variable power.

So, if a phone has a maximum power cap of 30 W, the charger used to charge it will offer the same amount of power. In the case of using a high-power charger, it will reduce the charge and hence reduce the charge to provide the electricity flow demanded by the smartphone. It is unlikely that an overcharge will occur which could cause the cell phone battery to eventually explode..

As a result, using a high-power charger on a phone that requires less energy is fine because the charger will only adapt to the energy flow requested by the mobile device.

Signs that it’s time to buy a new phone

it is important to understand When? the right time to consider switching smartphonesThis is bearing in mind that the constant updates of technology make it necessary to acquire new equipment with relative regularity.

Compatibility with app and OS updates

It should not be forgotten that the applications installed on the computer and the operating system of the phone are constantly updated, and it is important to eliminate these problems, increase security, include new features and integrate with new technologies. For this reason the key constantly monitor device compatibility with updates From different services managed by the user.

if the phone is no longer compatible with new platform updates like WhatsApp or later versions of the operating system (iOS, Android), it may be time to consider a phone change.

It is worth noting that the use of a smart device that cannot be updated poses a great risk to its user, since this phone will lose the ability to protect the user’s private information from the actions of cybercriminals.

poor performance

Smartphones use their processors and RAM to provide good performance when the user is running different apps or games, but over time these components stop working. have the power to take full advantage of the platforms it is used from the team from day to day.

In this case, a phone hard work and when you have to wait a long time to perform a simple task or open an app.

poor battery life

Battery charge is an essential component for the correct use of a smartphone, as the battery provides the energy necessary for the correct operation of all components of the equipment. Therefore, a user’s real you need to constantly charge your equipment’s battery indicates it’s time to start thinking about changing phones.

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