Asunción 2022 will leave an important legacy

Asunción 2022 will leave an important legacy

Five years ago, Asunción won the XIIth edition of the South American Games. Homeowners would face a thorny path exacerbated by the worst pandemic in humanity in the last 100 years. Also, the Games have been in jeopardy more than once due to the economic crisis, as in the summer of 2019, when the authorities announced that they would not continue with the commitments.

But in a matter of hours, Paraguayans will celebrate the dream come true after a winding road where, after all, sports leaders, including the South American Sports Organization, have never lost their faith. this is the weather.

To save the Games, even before the outbreak of covid-19, the government and sports officials carried out an “economic restructuring” that resulted in a serious budget cut: initially there was talk of funding US$180 million for the retrofit and construction of sports facilities. amount was reduced to 80 million US dollars.

One solution was to put aside the construction of an Olympic village and choose to host the international delegations at different hotels in Asunción and the metropolitan area.

“We’re seeing some of the toughest games in recent times, but we’re not neglecting organizational excellence,” said Camilo Pérez López-Moreira, President of the Paraguayan Olympic Committee and Odesur. History of the Guarani nation.

The opening ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, October 1 at 20:00 at the emblematic Defensores del Chaco football stadium.

President Mario Abdo Benitez attended the Paraguayan team’s flag ceremony. T-shirt Nicole Martínez and golfer Fabrizio Zanotti were chosen to carry the national flag.

Speaking in the presence of 578 national athletes, organizational personnel and nearly 4 thousand volunteers, the government official pointed out that an important infrastructure legacy will be left to the national sports with the investment made.

For now, enthusiasm has surfaced that Asunción could be a good venue for the II Junior Pan American Games in 2025, with Lima also appearing to be favored with its infrastructure for the 2019 Continental Games.

But Asunción’s immediate goal is to deliver on its commitment to some good games for two weeks, a mega event threatened by delays in supplies from other ports around the world due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

According to official sources, around 80 infrastructure works have been completed for the Odesur 2022 Games, including facilities such as the velodrome, BMX bike track and hockey field that have received praise from international experts.

One point in favor of the organizers and against the cost of the Games was that when Asunción won the venue, the Paraguayan capital already had 70% of the necessary infrastructure, so it faced more of a restructuring process than new construction.

Nearly 5,000 athletes will represent 15 countries in 377 events, corresponding to 53 disciplines of 34 different sports, 18 of which will qualify for the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago.

Participating countries are Argentina, Aruba, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Curaçao, Ecuador, Guyana, Panama, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela and Paraguay. The largest delegations will be from Brazil and Argentina, who will be featured in an interesting bid to be at the forefront of the medal table along with Colombia.

The main venues will be located at the National Sports Secretariat (SND) and Paraguay Olympic Committee. (POLICE)

Basketball, boxing, fencing, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline gymnastics, judo, karate, weight, wrestling, figure skating, squash, taekwondo, table tennis, volleyball and paddle tennis will be played in the SND area.

At the COP, track and field, 3×3 basketball, handball, bowling, track cycling, BMX (running and freestyle), bodybuilding, soccer, beach football, field hockey, speed skating, rugby 7, skateboarding, archery , sports shooting, beach volleyball and chess.

There will be cycling, marathon, roller skating and race walking competitions on Avenida Costanera de Asunción.

At the sub-center in the town of Encarnación, water sports such as open water, mountain biking, water skiing, triathlon and sailing will be developed.

Speed ​​canoeing and rowing tests will be conducted in Asunción Bay. Equestrian events will take place at Club Hípico Paraguayo. Badminton and indoor soccer modalities will be held at the León Condou stadium. The bowling competition will be held at the Strike Bowling complex. While in Itaipu, the slalom canoe modality will take place.

Forty-two of the 53 sports disciplines will be Olympic in Paris 2024.

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