Ready to explore everything coming for Amazon Games through the rest of 2022? If so, you’ve come to the right place, here we tell you all the details.

The first thing that stands out is the incoming updates. lost ship until the end of the year, including Three new armies in October (Mystic Abyss Assault, Vycas Horde Raid and Test Guardian: Achates), Grim Reaper Advanced Class in November and Summoner Advanced Class in December. But that’s not all for Amazon Games, so read up on the full details of what’s coming in 2022.


Amazon Games 2022
Roadmap 2022 Amazon Games

Known in the past as the Herald of Vairgrys and the bearer of the Ark, the mystical guardian began to spew dangerous mists from the pervasive chaos. In this new limited-time Abyss Assault, your mission will be to defeat him. During the event, Harmony Balance will be applied to change character traits depending on the Guardian’s level. You will need item level 1302 or higher to defeat him. Whoever does the quest will receive many weekly rewards.


Amazon Games 2022

Hell difficulty is the hardest version of horde raids. For all of you who want to prove that you are among the best in Arkesia and gain prestige. Instead of getting the usual rewards like equipment, supplies, and everything else you’d get in a regular horde raid, the rewards on this difficulty are for bragging about your victory with titles, achievements, castle structures, and other rewards. The balance scale is applied and the Coordination Book is used, so all players’ equipment is normalized to the level of the legion commander you’re facing. You must be at item level 1460 to participate in the Inferno difficulty of the Vykas Horde raid.


Roadmap 2022 Amazon Games

Trial of Achates Guardian Strike is a Horde Raid Inferno difficulty experience that you can only participate in after you have your build prepared in the Coordination Book. Teams that achieve this will receive prestigious rewards in the form of achievements and a legendary title, in addition to the prestige that comes with such a victory.


These three attacks won’t be the only innovations in October. Players in San Diego can join us at TwitchCon (more details coming soon), and for those in Arkesia the second season of the Arca Pass, the Halloween edition of Neria’s wardrobe, the continuation of the progression events, the second of competitive test camps starting September and later in the month season.



Roadmap 2022 Amazon Games

Azraels are true assassins and masters of stealth. They have a wide variety of tools to take down any threat that comes their way, such as powerful dagger moves from behind or clones that they can summon and destroy to deceive their enemies. You can’t miss it when it reaches Amazon Games in 2022.


  • Improvements to the tripod transfer system transferred with a new material, “talismans” used to practice skill tripods, news notifications and a new transfer mission from the skill tree guide mission and skill tree. education area.
  • Balance changes including:
    • Horde raid hallucination gear set effect changes.
    • Balance changes for the Berserker, Destroyer, Thug, Spirit Fist, Warblade, Artificer, Sniper, Gunslinger, Machinist, and Arcanist classes.
  • Castle improvements such as interior decorations, a new trophy system with a trophy room, gifts, the ability to place mounts and pets, build layout updates, new music for the jukebox, interface improvements, and new mini-games.

The Mystic Abyss Raid will continue at the beginning of the month. You’ll be able to continue improving and fine-tuning your raiding skills in the face of incoming threats in December. You will also have a special progression event.



Amazon Games 2022
Roadmap 2022 Amazon Games

Despite their delicate nature, Summoners have the potential to be reckoned with in any battle. They summon the spirits of the elements to fight for them. Each elemental has its own special abilities that make summoners shine in any situation. With a wide variety of water, lightning, earth, and more unique attacks, they’ll be a valuable addition to the mage’s advanced class roster.


Challenge the Phantom Legion Commander, Brelshaza, in a complex and immersive eight-player Horde Raid featuring six gates and unique encounters. Known as the most cunning and ruthless commander of all legions, he is famous for dazzling his enemies and giving them terrifying hallucinations. With so many encounters, the way doors work is changing, and item level requirements increase with both. Similar to Kakul-Saydon Horde Raid’s “Midnight Circus: Rehearsal” difficulty, you’ll have an easier way to practice more complex mechanics and encounters.

  • Estalgier Ghost: Déjà Vu: item level 1430
  • Doors 1 and 2: Product level 1490
  • Doors 3 and 4: item level 1500
  • Doors 5 and 6: item level 1520


Caliligos is the lord of lightning: he uses blue lightning to subdue his enemies. Its wings are a whirlwind of air, and the power of blue lightning is concentrated in its horn, which is sharper than any spear it can use to pierce the heart of any foe. He ruled the sky and was revered as a god in the past. However, he is nothing more than a flying tyrant and a ruthless protector. Caliligos joins the Tier 6 Guardian Gallery. The item level required to defeat him is 1490.


Attacks and the new advanced class won’t be the only news. South Bern Chaos dungeons will level up: Void, same as Cube and Avalanche dungeons for hardcore class 3 bosses (item level 1490). Additionally, we’ll have the pajama edition of Neria’s closet, a festive event, and a new type of accessory: bracelets that can be obtained in the Brelshaza horde raid, the Caliligos guardian attack, and the new Chaos dungeon: Void South Bern. Bracelets, like other accessories, enhance players’ attributes, but do not include engravings.

Of all that’s coming to Amazon Games this 2022, what surprised you the most? What are you most looking forward to? Do not forget to leave us your comments.

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