this Real Betis closed the summer transfer window shaken. commitment League clubs while looking the other way while applying a rule that skips the bullfighter in the previous two years to the letter Barcelona they were in debt up to their eyes and created a negative gap in the Cost Limit of the Sports Template (vulgo salary cap), caused a search for the regulation to find enough springs. Balancing sporting aspirations and economic prospects. This control is very good, for example it is not available in the short term (yes every few years). 1st Leaguewhere they landed due to historical non-payments Girondins of Bordeaux but they let PSG Uncontrolled spending without selling to anyone. I agree there monchi. If not, we’ll be back in times past when greed collided with harsh realities. And so came the losses. to be forgotten the richbetween sheikhs billionaires (almost no one gets rich by spending their wealth to the bottom).

But as always, whoever makes the law also makes the trap. Firstly concursal law and in its modern version, extensions Capital cityWith majority stake holders (let them tell Espanyol) this turns into an injection of money that then has to be returned to the incumbent China, Qatar or the Emirate. Again, no matter how much he loves a football team, he’s not stupid enough to scatter his fortune. Later on, Joan LaportaShooting more shots from the ‘A-Team’ van, he removed the ‘arms’ from his arm. Some kind of CVC deal from Thebes, but multi screenmortgaging the future of various club assets and/or asking friends to put 100 million nothing there to sign Raphinha or Lewandowski. here, how Haro and Catalan Predicting they would be fired for selling 25% of the most recurring revenue Betis’ subscribers ever had to a third party, they took the middle road.

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