In basketball, like any other sport, you can’t always win brilliantly, having fun. where are the meetings to be victorious you must introduce other kinds of arguments. This Tuesday in Prague, Surne Bilbao Basket made its debut in the Basketball Champions League with a win (54-68).

Jaume Ponsarnau’s ensemble It was hard to warm up To impose the necessary competitive tension on the competition to assert its superiority is something that can enter logically considering it’s his third game in five days and the physiques of the players are not for much trot at such an early height of the pitch.

Biscayan team had a bad time until timeout. He is at the mercy of a Nymburk who plays quickly and directly to damage his opponent’s weak defensive structure, but The visitors knew how to wait for the moment after the break. Without admiration, but with greater balance, success and strength From what it’s seen so far, the blacks shone in their favor in the third quarter and finally put their feet up against the home team, which was so bad in the three-way match and the clash broke out. too long.

Despite the cost of winning on the back defence, very low shooting percentages until mid-assignment, and problems with rebounds – this evil has persisted and needs to be improved – Surne Bilbao Basket paid off for a very intense start to the course with a prize that was of great value. and provide the group of people with the peace of mind necessary to continue to work and thrive. As for changing the outlines of the conflict, It was significant that Adam Smith caught the bull by the horns in the third quarter. to turn the light with nine dots in just seven minutes Ludde Hakanson, Michale Kyser and Francis Alonso in the last act, those responsible for imposing penalties with 16, 11 and 10 points respectively.

loose start

Biscayan set The duel began with a non-competitive tension.found its reflection in both offense and defence. Those from Ponsarnau were trapped in the direct game plan proposed by the Czechs, the American foreigners wiggling their wrists at the first opportunity, and A major mistake while looking for the opponent’s rim and lack of defensive stamina caused Stelmahers’ men to take control of the scoreboard (16-10) Despite the injury of his role model Kamau Stokes, not even four minutes of play had been played yet.

Rabbada kept his team afloat with two threes as the rest of his teammates had terrible statistics in terms of field goals. 3 goals in 17 tries and Suleymanovic are particularly unadvisable (6 for 0). Three pointers from Andersson and a basket from Francis Alonso allowed the men in black to close the first act (16-18), but it was a mirage.

With Lockett particularly detrimental to their interests, Surne Bilbao Basket were unable to place a minimally solid back guard on the court, being late for most of the action, and Adding a few plus-ones, Nymburk had the opportunity to put their feet in the light until 31-22 at 3:37 of the break. Seeing the ears of the wolf, the game of the Biscayan team gained some balance and composure. reaching the midpoint of the meeting with a 33-30 that leaves everything wide open, but his stats reflected issues that needed quick fixes: a lousy 31% on rebounds and 3s, and a horrendous 33% on 2-pointers.


After the reboot, Smith began to enter the game, which was a boon to Bilbao’s interests. In the blink of an eye, five points from ten stopped Stelmahers at 26-37. And the American did not stop there. Thanks to his good placement on the penetration insertion or offensive rebound, 41-45 caused Nymburk to request a timeout once again. The problem is that the rest of the team didn’t make it. Take advantage of the laziness of the checks, outside kick failures, and chain turnovers all around. Thus, the probability of spillage was reduced to zero, the last four minutes of the third quarter ended with a 2-2 fire and the match was suspended 43-47 in the last ten minutes.

But there was no room for strong emotions. Hakanson’s decisive ability to score seven points in under three minutes and Kyser’s work on both baskets added five blocks to -11. They got no response from Nymburk. 47-57 six and a half minutes from the end there was no going back because the Czechs remained absolutely dry in the offensive. 54-68, when the fight ended, was great news for a team that had not yet won and Look forward to Valencia Basket’s visit to Miribilla next Sunday.

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