“No to the hill!” The slogan was heard today at a protest near Congress. This scream was repeated at noon. living room He called for the House to be rejected by a group of MPs from the PC and the Broad Front, as well as some independents. TPP11 (Trans-Pacific Partnership or Trans-Pacific Partnership)The deal will begin debate in the Senate this afternoon.

Although the initiative appeared on the table of the Upper House, senators Daniel Nuñez (PC) and Juan Ignacio Latorre (RD) announced that they would demand “second debate”regulatory power that will force it to take up the project next week.

However, amid tensions within the ruling party over La Moneda’s decision not to hinder the legislative process, although TPP11 was not included in the government program, the President Gabriel Boric determined to take an active part in the negotiation of side cards (side letters) He seeks to resolve dispute resolution mechanisms provided by the treaty.

To that end, the President has already discussed the issue at a meeting with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern last week in New York in the middle of the United Nations General Assembly. He also plans to make phone calls during this week. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with his Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese, Peruvian President Pedro Castillo and Vietnamese President Nguyễn Xuân Phúc.

The purpose of these talks is to ensure that each of the TPP11 member states It agrees to leave it predetermined which organisms will resolve conflicts so they are not subject to the situation. One of the points that caused reluctance in Approvebo Dignidad (which includes eleven countries including Chile, hence number 11) about this international agreement is that, in the event of a possible dispute, the plaintiff can identify the body that will settle that dispute, a kind of interim court, at the risk of lack of impartiality.

“The President will play a key role with the leaders of countries where bilateral letter talks have not yet closed,” the Secretary-General of the Government Minister said on Tuesday. Camila Vallejo“Before making the deposit (…), a procedure prior to the issuance of the ratification of the agreement, we are interested in carrying out the procedure to be able to resolve these talks and bilateral letters,” he said. is optional and exclusive to the President”.

The active role of the President was also emphasized by the Minister General of the Presidency, Ana Lya Uriartein an interview this Wednesday on Radio ADN.

The president’s decision to take the offensive constitutes a new change of pace to ratify TPP11 shortly.On Monday, after the regular coordination meeting in La Moneda, the ministers of the political committee Notifying the representatives of the ruling parties that the President will delay the entry into force of the TPP11 Waiting for the conclusion of negotiations for these side letters, if approved by Congress, or side lettersThey are actually bilateral agreements with each of the member states of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

This strategy was publicly accepted this Tuesday by Vallejo and the Minister of the Interior. carolina toha, because after Congress approves the treaty, there is a discretionary period for the President to formalize its inclusion in the TPP11. This participation procedure, called “deposit” in diplomatic terminology, these must be made with New Zealand acting as depositary of ratifications.

However, after the criticism this strategy aroused—some legislators even called it an insult to Congress—the government itself took it upon itself to point it out. that “postponement” also cannot be indefinite.

“If the vote is taken and ratified, the agreement will be duly ratified by the President… side letters Minister Uriarte explained on ADN radio to have a different dispute resolution mechanism than that provided by TPP11.

According to Palacio sources, undersecretary for International Economic Relations, in October, José Miguel AhumadaHe plans to make an important visit to Singapore, would hold a meeting here with colleagues to specifically address TPP11. They announced that Ahumada’s excursions from Subrei will be informed in a timely manner.

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