The 2022 edition of the Indie Games Málaga video game competition, organized by the Malaga City Council through the National Pole of Digital Content, has a total of 24 finalist games. ‘2 minutes in space’, from Tenerife studio Rarepixels; Y ‘Mourning’From Gran Canaria’s Broken Bird Games.

Featured in an action streamed last Friday afternoon, the picks were split between five in XR-Tech and Accessibility, eight from PC/Consoles, and six from Mobile, respectively. the most numerous.

In the Mobile category with 24 nominations, the selected finalists are: ‘2 minutes in space’ by Tenerife studio Rarepixels; ‘Elves Clan: Tricky Seasons’, 67 Bits from Brazil; ‘Evil Wizard’ from Uruguayan studio Rubber Duck Games; ‘Novelingo Art – Maruja Mallo’ from Malaga-born Novelingo Art; ‘Templario 2’ by Estudio 2Pastores of Ciudad Real; and Turkey’s ‘Tombo Survivor’ from MargroPlay.

Awarding the most innovative virtual reality video game and receiving seven nominations, the XR-Tech category has the following finalists: ‘Drums Rock’ from Barcelona studio Garage51 Entertainment; ‘Escape from the Galaxy’, Sevillian Ramen Snowy Games; ‘IDEA’ from The Longest Road in Bilbao; ‘Zombie Church’ by Malaga-based Infinity Room VR; and ‘Locked Out Memories’ by No Fear Games from Valencia.

Sponsored by the ONCE Foundation and with ten registered video games, the finalists in the Accessibility category are: ‘Bigger Than Me’ by Dead Pixel Games by Jaén; ‘Clouzy!’ from Madrid studio Tinymoon; ‘Locked Out Memories’ by No Fear Games from Valencia; ‘Mourning’ by Broken Bird Games in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria; and ‘OnCortex Pro’ from Anzcade Games by Badajoz.

Finally, the PC/Console category, which received 103 games, chose from eight finalist proposals: ‘Blind Fate: Edo no Yami’ by Troglobytes Games from Barcelona; ‘Evil Wizard’ from Uruguay’s Rubber Duck Games; ‘Children’s Pieces’ by Creek Games in Madrid; ‘IDEA’ from The Longest Road in Bilbao; ‘MADiSON’ from Argentina’s Bloody Games; ‘RED: The Spanish Horror Experience’ by Sevillian Miguel Moreno; ‘Tales from Candleforth’ by Malaga studio Under The Bed Games; and ‘The Occultist’ from Pentakill Studios in Valladolid.


Indie Games Málaga received a total of 144 games in its 2022 edition, a figure that reinforces the upward trend of previous years. In addition, this edition highlights the increase in applications from other countries that have registered, representing 13% of the total and including countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Honduras, Mexico, Turkey and Uruguay.

In terms of national wealth, Andalusia is the leader in the ranking of regions by the number of video games offered, followed by Madrid, Catalonia, the Basque Country, the Community of Valencia, Galicia, Murcia, the Canary Islands and Aragon. The least nominated regions are La Rioja and Cantabria.

The jury of the competition, which includes the leading names of the sector at national and international level, will be tasked with giving the points for two weeks starting today and conducting the necessary tests to reveal the winners of each category. , rather the second prize for best video game among the four.

The winners will be selected by a professional jury of 13 members from the industry, including Kike García of Fundación ONCE; Curro Rueda, CEO of Viva Games; Video Luz Castro, president of the Xogo de Galicia association; Antonio Quiros, Digital Content Pole coordinator; Raquel Alcázar of The Game Kitchen; Alberto Oliván of Fictiorama; Elena Blanes, CEO of Stega; David Martínez of Hobby Consoles; Olga Reus, director of New Gaming and president of the GamersOn association; Lucia Herrero, president of the Malaga Jam association; Tali Tzukerman of The Goods Madness; Raúl Rosso of Uptodown; and Rodolfo Tiessler of Brantor.

This issue of events features top sponsors from the video game industry such as Uptodown, Ministry of Culture and Sports, ONCE Foundation, Giants, Product Madness, Viva Games, and Kaiju, as well as the University of the University collaboration. Malaga, Malaga Provincial Council, OWO, Spanish Video Games Association (AEVI), Spanish Developers Association (DEV), GayMer association, Malaga Jam, GamersOn, Brantor and EVAD.


The deadline for applications was open until July 22. Any video game developed has been able to choose to present itself without any geographical limitation, provided a set of conditions is met.

These include being an independent video game, understanding all those video games created by people, small teams or small independent companies; those from legally established independent studios or any independent developer, registered or unregistered; and having versions of video games whose playability and user experience allow adequate perception of the video game itself, taking into account a playable representation as a minimum.

On the other hand, in the case of video games released, the release date in the first version should be no earlier than January 1, 2020.


On November 4, the National Digital Content Pole in Tabacalera will host several simultaneous spaces that anyone interested in the video game industry can attend and accommodate the entire industry, whether developers, students or large consolidated studios. .

One of the spaces will be devoted to discussions on the state of the industry, with three roundtables devoted to investment in video games, the future of the industry and the real needs of the independent sector, and will host representatives of leading organizations.

Also included is the Polo eSports Arena, where finalist video games can be tested throughout the morning; an exhibition area where anyone interested in the exhibition area of ​​collaborating and sponsoring brands can communicate with them.

Lastly, one of the strong points will be to contribute to the growth and consolidation of the sector by organizing bilateral meetings between the finalist studios and investors this year.

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