Epic Games, the developer of the famous game Fornite, launched the beta version of the new Blankos Block Party project yesterday. It is the first non-token token (NFT) game created by the traditional video game manufacturer competing in the Axie Infinity ecosystem, a pioneering venture of the model. play to win or play to win.

alone, Blankos Block Party is a multiplayer online role-playing game. which is still under development. However, since yesterday, it has been available in early access for its official launch, which will be on September 28. shows the company on the official site.

For now The game is free and it is unclear if the rules will change later. to access your platform. It is also only available in some countries, although the company has announced that it is working to provide access to players from all over the world. “We will launch the new regions as we receive official qualification certificates from different countries, regions and regions,” the company said.

To enter the platform players must create an account they do not need to acquire an NFT. of the project as guaranteed by the development team.

aspect players advance in the game, you can win Rewards through project currency called Moola. Next, users need to link a verified Uphold account to withdraw their winnings or make purchases with the earned money.

Because of this reason, Blankos Block Party, inaccessible players from VenezuelaThe country where Uphold closed operations, as reported by CriptoNoticias last June.

This is the first Epic Games to launch in the cryptocurrency ecosystem built on private and authoritative blockchains It is based on the EOSIO infrastructure using the Proof of Authority consensus protocol.

This consensus mechanism is based on a limited number of validators authorized by a master authority who use their real identities to sign blocks of transactions.

Blankos Block Party
Blankos Block Party is a racing, shooting and fighting game whose characters are collectible NFTs. Source: Epic Games.

New generation players join the game

The creator of free PC games, with its new release, is one of the few traditional video game companies in the world. took an optimistic stance on metaverses and NFTs.

In fact, it took over Mojang, the company behind Minecraft, and in July sent a message to its community stating that immutable tokens “will never be a part of classic video games.”

For a while, society players split around Discussions on the integration of NFTs into traditional games like minecraft, fortnite and others.

Some think that traditional platforms should not include cryptocurrencies, and therefore, few or none of these players purchased at least one digital collection. On the other hand, a new generation of gamers is emerging to try the experiences offered by blockchain-based games.

The world of video games is evolving, and many believe metadata storage is the next step. That’s why Epic Games announced After raising US$ 2 million in the financing round, it is making plans in this sense.

As Epic Games continues its fictional universe, other developers are releasing NFT-focused games in their own markets. This is because the company maintains a negative policy with centralization. In this sense he argued legal battles For the revenue cuts Apple and Google and their stores are making that supposedly hurt them.

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