Handball: Gladiators come to Chaco to play the Brotherhood Cup

Argentine Handball Team “Los Gladiadores” came to Resistencia to compete with the Paraguayan couple in the “Javier Pérez Kohut” Bi-National Brotherhood Cup. Moreover, There will be two open practices and the coaching team will provide a clinic for local coaches.

The tour will take place on Monday, October 3 and Tuesday, October 4 and will be organized by the Chaco Government through the Institute of Sports. The Argentine Confederation and the Chaco Handball Association have the support of Club Atlético Chaco For Ever, which will host the event.

The meeting with the hosts of Odesur will be held at 9 pm, with the preliminary match to be played between the National Teams of Cup, Chaco and Pilar (Ñeembucú) to be played at the “19 February” Micro-stadium on Tuesday, 3rd Tuesday. 00:00 ChacoTV live broadcast. This was announced at a press conference organized by Sports Institute President Osvaldo Pérez Cuevas, Chaco Handball Association President Pablo Mujica and Chaco For Ever President Héctor Gómez.


Gómez said, “We are proud to host this international event because Chaco For Ever is a pioneer in the discipline and has given us great satisfaction at the national level. With the joint work of the state, federations and clubs, important things can be achieved.”

Mujica said, “We are immeasurable with the fact that Chaco handball players have the opportunity to see their teams in their own provinces and for free. It’s also the best tribute we can give to Javier Pérez Kohut, coach of the Chaco and Pilar national teams, who has a fraternal relationship with the Paraguayans, with whom he is a two-time national champion.”

The Argentina National Team is revisiting the interior in preparation for its next goals, as in June when it played and won the Tri-Nation Cup against Alta Gracia, Córdoba, Paraguay -victory 52:12- and Uruguay -victory 37:19 —.

This will be the previous round for those heading to the Odessur Games in Asunción, led by Guillermo Milano, and will feature the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile, the start of the 2024 Paris Olympic route.

The Binational Confraternity Cup is named after Javier Pérez Kohut in memory of the famous coach who passed away in January of this year and brought Chaco to the highest category in the Argentine Men’s Tournament “A” in 2015 and the highest category of the Chaco For Ever club. Multiple times local champion as well as achieving consecutive promotions from «C» to «A» in the National Men’s and Women’s Tournaments. He was also a two-time national champion with Pilar National Team in Paraguay in 2018 and 2021.

Activity calendar at Club Chaco For Ever:

6 – 19:30: Argentina National Team open training session
19:30 – 21:00: Clinic for coaches provided by Argentine Technical Associations

10:30-12: Open Training Argentina National Team
12 – 12:45: Press attention
16: Paraguay National Team Training (Club Fontana)
18: Selection Against Chaco Column Selection (PY)
2: Argentina vs. Paraguay


-Archers: Agustín Forlino (Sedalo), Ignacio Martino (SAG Lomas)
-Over: Federico Fernández (San Fernando HB), Santiago Baronetto (Dorrego), Tomás Gallardo (River Plate), Lautaro Robledo (Pinheiros – BRA), Francisco Soto (SAG Villa Ballester).
-Backs: Juan Federico Gull (AACF Quilmes), Juan Reynaldo Saco (AACF Quilmes), Manuel Sanfelippo (Ward)
-Center: Juan Pablo Fernández (San Fernando HB), Pedro Martínez (Ward), Marcos Heredia (Sedalo)
-Pivots: Mariano Cánepa (SAG Villa Ballester), Francis Acosta (River Plate)


Andrés Frías (Mirbeo), Javier Ratti (Forever Chaco), Martín Maidana (Forever Chaco), Uriel Guerra (Salesmen), Matías Almirón (Young), Maximiliano Sánchez (San Roque), Santiago Dellamea (CEF No. 23), Julián Luque (Chaco For Ever), Humberto Flekestein (CEF No. 23), Lucas Ramirez (CEF No. 23), Ariel Cuenca (For Ever), David Fernández (Club Fontana), Agustín Martínez (San Roque), Lucas Rodriguez ( CEF N° 23), Matías Masachs (Chaco For Ever), Gonzalo Palma (Salesians), Leonardo Neriz (For Ever Chaco), Nahuel Gómez Martínez (Salesians), Ramiro Frías (For Ever), Ian Grnja (San Roque)

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