We interviewed Inma M. Lobo and David G. Baquero of Asturian studio Gusarapo Games to provide information about their early work, Running on Magic.

after going through portable Nintendo, Running with Magic It’s making its way to other platforms, including next-gen, to test players’ reflexes through its mechanics. runner Y randomly generated 2D scenariosWhere a sorcerer escaped from the Grim Reaper. All this is accompanied by a vivid visual style with a focus on details, typical fairy tale music and a story filled with a sense of humor.

Inside PlayStation Region We had so much fun playing Running In Magic, We loved it so much that we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to talk to the brains behind the project so they can tell us a little about its development and future projects. Don’t miss the details of what Inma and David told us in the interview.

  • Who creates Gusarapo Games? How did you start working together?

worm games We are a team of two: a programmer (Inma) and an artist (David), we both have artistic training. At the suggestion of another studio in Asturias, we started the adventure of making video games. Meteorbyte Studios, offering to publish and mentor the project. We’ve known each other for many years working together, so when the opportunity to make a video game came up, we didn’t hesitate to team up. Our main goal was to make a game and learn everything about it. Also, creating a video game is something that always excites us both as very young gamers.

  • In Running on Magic, the player will take on the role of a magician escaping death. What inspired you when creating the game?

Our first step in development was to decide on the type of game, in this case a runner. From there, we deduced a premise that would make sense of the reason for such a race.

The main inspiration is the epic of novels. disc worldcombining fantasy, lots of humor, and at times a few images of reality. The skeleton from which our hero, our magician escaped, is a clear reference to the DEATH of his death. disc world, though ours is much more clown. It is also inspired by the character called the magician. RincewindA wizard known for wearing red and running away.

As for the game, there is no clear inspiration. But there are a lot of little things taken from more classic platform games, both 2D and 3D: Super Mario Brothers, spiro, rayman… To tell the truth, there’s a little bit of everything, even games from other genres, and there’s no dominant reference.

We couldn’t show a certain aspect of the game’s art either. In this case, we can say that it is 100% domestic.

The game’s development has had its ups and downs, but the hardest thing ever was the perseverance and commitment to finish it. There have been severe outages that were beyond our control and made it difficult to return to normal game development.

  • For those who are not yet aware of your project, what can they expect from it?

A story with lots of humor and unique pixel art that goes hand in hand with simple yet challenging gameplay. Some say it’s a cute game.

  • Why did you choose a runner to tell your story?

Running in Magic It was born as a project to learn, so we chose a game genre that didn’t give us too much of a headache and had mechanics to suit our taste. In this case, we wanted something with a platform cut. This is how we arrived at the “runner”, a game genre. game loop very easy.

It’s a nice, simple platformer full of laughter and humor, and it’ll give you a little headache without focusing on the challenges.

  • Can you tell us what was the hardest part of developing the game?

The game’s development has had its ups and downs, but the hardest thing ever was the perseverance and commitment to finish it. There have been severe outages that were beyond our control and made it difficult to return to normal game development. Also, sometimes it is difficult to decide when to finish a project. Especially in video games where development is a very iterative process where you work on the same thing over and over.

  • Running on Magic was released on various platforms this summer and has now been added to the PlayStation catalog as well. How would you rate the experience? Have your expectations been met?

The truth is, we have yet to see the fruits of its release on PlayStation as it has just been released. What we can say so far is that the process of porting and publishing outside of PC is complex, but the uptake is much greater and greatly appreciated in such a small title.

  • What would you say to players to get them to play Magic on Magic?

It’s a nice, simple platformer full of laughter and humor and will give you some headaches without focusing on the challenges. It has both a story mode for hassle-free fun and an endless mode for arcade game lovers. And besides being available in many regional languages ​​(Galician, Asturian, Catalan, Basque… and even Andalusian!), they are reasonably priced (5€) across all platforms.

  • How do you see the independent video game industry in our country?

On the one hand, “independent video games” are a huge mixed bag. In our country, there is a great distance between the famous Spanish Indies and the unknown small Indies. Both in template and scope. And from the outside we are all in the same category. The fact is that on such a small level there are many Spanish independent projects that say a lot about people’s enthusiasm, but the situation is very unstable. The reason you continue is not because it brings money, but because you love making games.

On the other hand, education is poor and access to the industry is difficult if you don’t want to get involved in AAA projects. Really successful independent projects are also rare. Especially outside centers like Madrid or Barcelona as well as in Asturias.

  • Is there an anecdote you would like to tell our readers during the development process?

One really cool thing that happened during development was the whole localization thing. We were originally committed to localizing the game in Asturian, adding the language of our country seemed like a nice detail. This enabled our other friends to get excited and participate in the project. Galician and Catalan contributed. When we wanted to do this, more and more people joined and we had many regional languages ​​of Spain and even some languages ​​that were not included in the original localization, such as Turkish. It was so cool and sensitive to see everyone suddenly want to join in and contribute a small part of their household.

  • What are your future plans?

Our goal is to keep making the games we love, but unfortunately it’s not a full time job. We are currently considering doing something different. Running in Magicmore types from top to bottom RPG. Of course, putting a lot of love into its visual aspect. We want to keep making pixel art games and pamper them as much as possible. Running in Magic.

About Running in Magic

Inside Running in Magic You will control a helpless magician on an obstacle course to avoid his death. Use your flying powers to leap over gelatinous foes and survive to the end in this platform runner with vibrant pixel art and dynamically generated levels..

Enjoy the randomly generated scenarios and the hilarious storyline. Jump, glide and dodge obstacles. Collect magic orbs to recharge your abilities and adapt to any situation.

Do you like to challenge? RGetting Rid of the Magic There are 4 different difficulty modes where the difficulty will get bigger. Each difficulty mode will speed up and decrease both the number of hits your mage can take and the number of items you’ll find along the way. In the hardest mode you will only have one hit health, while in the endless mode the speed is constantly increasing.

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