From October 1 to 15, the South American Games will be held and Argentina will be represented in handball for both men and women. Get to know the fixtures of Los Gladiadores and La Garra at the event.

  • Argentine delegation for the South American Games Asunción 2022
Diego 'Chino' Simonet

this South American Games in Asuncion, Paraguaywill have an Argentine presence with 592 national representatives. Event It will be the first step of many sports, including handball, towards the 2024 Paris Olympics..

When will Handball: La Garra and Los Gladiadores play at the South American Games Asuncion 2022?

Handball at the South American Games Asunción 2022 It will take place from 6 to 15 October. competition Will give quota for the Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile, qualifiers for JJ.OO. 2024. Headquarters CEO, Olympic Training Center.

Women’s handball fixture

La Garra is already at the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile For winning first place at the I Junior Pan American Games in Cali Valle.

6 October

  • 14:00 Argentina etc. Bolivia
  • 16:00 Chile vs. Uruguay
  • 18:00 Paraguay vs. Brazil

October 7

  • 14:00 Bolivia vs. Hot pepper
  • 16:00 Brazil vs. Uruguay
  • 18:00 Argentina etc. Paraguay

October 8

  • 14:00 Bolivia vs. Brazil
  • 16:00 Chile vs. Argentina
  • 18:00 Uruguay vs. Paraguay

October 9

  • 14:00 Uruguay vs. Argentina
  • 16:00 Brazil vs. Hot pepper
  • 18:00 Paraguay vs. Bolivia

October 10

  • 14:00 Uruguay vs. Bolivia
  • 16:00 Chile vs. Paraguay
  • 18:00 Brazil vs. Argentina

Men’s handball fixture

Gladiators will seek classification according to JJ.PP. from Santiago de Chile to be able to aspire to be the fourth time in a row at an Olympic Games.

October 11

  • 14:30 Argentina etc. Venezuelan
  • 16:30 Paraguay vs. Uruguay

October 12 °

  • 14:30 Venezuela vs. Hot pepper
  • 16:30 Paraguay vs. Argentina

October 13

  • 14:30 Chile vs. Uruguay
  • 16:30 Venezuela vs. Paraguay

14 October

  • 14:30 Uruguay vs. Argentina
  • 16:30 Chile vs. Paraguay

15th of October

  • 10:00 Uruguay vs. Venezuelan
  • 12.00 Argentina etc. Hot pepper

Handball at the South American Games Asunción 2022: How is the format of the competition

handball, they will have a single group in both the female and male branches and play against all of them.. Women will be represented from 6 countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay; The men of the 5 are: Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela. The format will be against everyone and The team with the most points at the end of the event will be the champion..

Handball in Odesur 2022: Argentine delegation

men’s handball


  • leonel maciel
  • Augustine Forlino


  • Federico FERNANDEZ
  • Francisco LOMBARDI
  • Lautaro ROBLEDO
  • santiago baronetto


  • Paul Simonet
  • Nicholas Bonanno
  • James Lewis Parker
  • Federico Pizarro
  • Mauricio BASUALDO

power plants

  • Diego SIMONET
  • Peter Martinez


  • Gonzalo CARRO CASTRO
  • Lucas Moscarello
  • Mariano CANEPA
List of handball squads for the South American Games

women’s handball


  • leyla child
  • Candelaria SQUARE


  • Camila PEDERNERA
  • Sofia Rivadeneira
  • Iara CACERES


  • delphina
  • sophia apple
  • Florence PONCE DE LEON
  • Spinelli Blue

power plants

  • Maira CARLETTI
  • Victoria Crivelli


  • Antonella MENA
  • Valentina BRODSKY
  • Daniela VAUCHER
List of handball squads for the South American Games

Handball at the Asunción 2022 South American Games: what channel is shown on TV and how to watch it ONLINE

The South American Games Asunción 2022, which will take place from October 1-15, can be watched live on TyC Sports:

  • Channels 22 (SD) and 101 of Cablevisión Digital (HD)
  • DirecTV’s 629 (SD) and 1629 (HD) Channels
  • Telecentre’s Channels 106 (SD) and 1016 (HD)

In turn, the South American Games will also be streamed live via the website and TyC Sports Game.

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