We know that Guerrilla Games has been secretly making multiplayer games for years, and it looks like what many gamers have dreamed of: a spin off of the Horizon Cooperative oriented. A rumor published in the last hours confirms the suspicions but also reveals another slightly more surprising project: a review Horizon: Zero DawnThe original RPG to be released on PS4 in 2017.

A Horizon Cooperative multiplayer for PS5 and PC

Rumor has been published MP1SThowever VGC supports it with its own resources. Starting with the new game, a Horizon online for PlayStation 5 and PC with some kind of collaboration and customization or classes related to the different tribes we know in the two games Horizonespecially the last Horizon Forbidden West It was released in February of this year for PS5 and PS4.

Horizon remake of the saga and online multiplayer game created by Guerrilla Games

Although not many details are known about cooperatives and even competition, the multiplayer idea was around Horizon from the start. First drawings in 2014 Horizon: Zero Dawn Y already then you can sense group hunts in style monster hunter. With Forbidden West It was reworked, but ultimately shelved to improve other aspects of the sequel. Now this job is spin off as one of its innovations Horizon 3.

Sony wants to promote games as services, and one of the strategies is to tailor licenses to multiplayer games like the popular ones. Factions 2 of the what’s left of us. In the guerilla example, director Simon Larouche returns to the studio; Have a multiplayer experience with Rainbow Six: Siege and Guardians of the Galaxy online modes, Splinter Cell: Blacklist Y kill zone 2.

Horizon: Zero Dawn remake/remake

multiplayer in the world Horizon more or less expected, but review Horizon: Zero Dawn surprised his fans. Guerrilla Games intention update first Horizon improvements to the sequelsimilar to what we see what’s left of us Y The Last of Us Part I. This will benefit from modelling, lighting, animations, use of DualSense and other enhancements. Gameplay of the Forbidden West in the original story.

Horizon remake of the saga and online multiplayer game created by Guerrilla Games

Horizon Zero Dawn Released on PC in 2020 with some draw distance improvements and more frame ratebut it was the base PlayStation 4 game. The goal is a complete improvement in textures, lighting system, VRR compatibility, accessibility options and more.. There is currently a patch for the game on PS5 that lets you play at 60fps, but without the other benefits of a native version in PS4 Pro resolution and load times, sound or control functions.

the existence of this remake Implied a month ago by Dark GolemSpeaking of the existence of a PS4 game with a facelift for PS5: “I don’t think it’s far from being explained. My final comment on this topic, I won’t go into depth but I don’t know why they are updating the graphics but I guess they can do whatever they want. Horizon It will be a series for Netflix.

In addition to all this, we should not forget about the officially announced yes. The Mountain’s Call of the Horizon A game for the PlayStation VR 2, the new virtual reality device for PS5, which appears to be one of the pioneers of the new device.

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