He is 25 years old, from Miramar (Argentina) and describes himself as a “rival to the core”.

I couldn’t be in a better place for this.

Lucia Indurain He is one of six Argentine surfers led by the Olympian. Leandro Usunawhich Huntington Beach (United States) disputes ISA World Surf Games 2022An event that will not only bring the best surfers in the women’s and men’s categories to the world center, but will also distribute the first two Olympic tickets in Turkey. surfing face to face 2024 Paris Olympics.

The event is broadcast live here on Olympics.com, and next Saturday, September 24, weather permitting, the top two National Olympic Committees are expected to qualify for Paris 2024.

Read how Lucía Indurain reached one of the most important events in international surfing after falling in love with the sport more than a decade ago.

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16 – 24 September

Surfing | Olympic Qualification | ISA World Games | Huntington Beach

“You surf according to what the wave gives you”

Lucia Indurain first tried surfing 13 years ago, when she was 12, and she remembers falling in love at first sight, in an exclusive interview she gave to olympiyatlar.com in Huntington Beach.

“My family is from the countryside, not surfers. My connection to surfing was born from a lifeguard friend. I’ve always been a very sporty girl and my friend asked me if I’d like to try a lesson.”

His gift on the table also appeared instantly.

“I stood on the first wave and it was an incredible feeling to slide on a wave. I remember I couldn’t believe the water was pushing me. It was such a crazy feeling, a very rare connection with nature and I. I think that’s what I liked the most. I was attracted to surfing: being there and being with the sea, Being yourself and it’s a natural force that does 60% of the work. You surf because the wave gives you. It’s a nice connection and that’s what keeps me so connected to surfing”, recalls Lucía Indurain.

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Flame of competition

This momentary love was soon joined by another “natural force”: her own competitiveness.

“I’ve always liked competition. I’ve competed in all the sports I do, and I think competition is in my blood. I’m one of those people who races everywhere, let’s say I’m one of the pitters,” says Indurain.

However, if you don’t get results, the competition won’t be that enjoyable. And he had them. His advancement in surfing was born out of his ambition to be among the best, and he says it’s what got him to achieve it.

“Since I started surfing, I’ve competed and I’ve started to see results. One thing leads to another; one grows up and realizes that the going is good and feels that this sport can be, that it can offer your life.

“While surfing, I found a life project where competition led me and we were not involved in anything. Frankly, the person who enjoys competition always demands more of himself, and that keeps you moving forward,” Indurain says.

And took him to the crest of the wave. To be among the best surfers in Argentina and Latin America and compete against the best in the world at the ISA World Surfing Games.

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