this National Center for Digital Content of the Malaga announced with a gala broadcast on its channels. YouTube and excitement most 24 finalists in four categories IV National Independent Video Game Awards. This event, presented by Lara Smirnova Y Angel QuintanaIt kicked off in a little less than a month, when polo judges would have to choose the four winners of the categories. PC/Console, Mobile, Tech/XR and Accessibility plus overall winner. Each category has a prize of 4,000 euros and there is also an overall prize of 2,000 euros for the best, for a total of 20,000 euros.

This edition demonstrated the growth and formation of the awards, with 103 nominations presented, 24 of which made it to the finalists. Also, 13% of respondents came from outside independent developers. Spain. On the other hand, there was a great diversity in both themes and innovative video game mechanics. From mobile games with simple and highly addictive mechanics, to games that apply virtual reality to play with up to six friends in the same space in a zombie survival mode set in a church. Several gripping horror experiences were also included.

It was one of the most interesting Lockdown Memoriesan immersive experience that puts you in the place of a nursing home patient and mixes mobility in a wheelchair with Alzheimer’s.

Events that will take place on November 4 were also announced to test all the final games, discussion areas and meet the creators of different works. The day will end with the winners’ gala at 20:30. Malaga Russian Museum.

“When you see all the finalists, after trying all the games, it’s finally hard work, but fun. I’m so lucky to be able to help Indians keep making what they love the most, video games, better and better. In addition, they will be tested as they deserve, they will give place to what we teach today. i really like what the city is Malaga It allows us to build on the city council’s efforts to keep this going. When we started, we had doubts about whether we could go out. Andalusia and now 13% of respondents are international. “We’re going to try to get that to happen again next year from The Pole, this is the home of any video game and digital content lover.” Antonio Quiroscoordinator Malaga Digital Mast.

Rojo, the horror game that triumphs among the ‘streamers’

Category nominated horror experience developed by Sevillian Miguel Moreno. PC/Console and Tech/XR reaches the awards with a good media tour. The 20-minute first-person game is set in a nostalgic Francoist’s apartment in Madrid, filled with references to Francoist culture and religious iconography. The player’s goal is to explore the place and solve puzzles to discover clues that will help him find his lost friend. The eye-catching premise of this short gripping horror adventure has caught the attention of many powerful creators, such as: Illojuan, Melo, Foreign Consumer or members of the expert circle Eurogamer, those who dare to embark on this adventure on their channel. Developed with graphics engine unreal engine 4 available for windows and mac. About the game the creator explains excitement “It is not an apology for Francoism or the Franco figure. On the contrary, it is a representation of terror produced by fascist ideologies, fanaticism and extremism.” Free to download on the platform itching.

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