The 2022 NFL Season has wrapped up its warm-up in Week 5 and has left us with major injuries that will dampen the functioning of our Fantasy Football roster, but don’t worry, below we’ll tell you how to get on with life in a situation like this. You lost one of your stars. Your advice column for Fantasy Football managers is here for Week 5, Season 2022.

Recent Injuries With Fantasy Football Effects

RB Javonte Williams

The running back Broncos will be out for the rest of the season and Melvin Gordon will be Denver’s main RB, but if you had Williams on your roster, you’d hardly have Gordon, so to survive this low you’d have to look for the Waiver for revocable options every week. .

For Week 5, Tyler Allgeier and Brian Robinson Jr. These may be the best options available for dates, so you should look for them in your league’s disclaimers.

In case you have another recoverable comeback on your roster, you can narrow down your roster as much as possible and change the FLEX position where you can use RB, WR and in some cases TE and QB.

RB Cordarrelle Patterson

After averaging 14.7 fantasy points per game, Patterson suffered a knee injury and was placed in injury position, meaning he’ll be out of the field for at least four weeks. Therefore, Tyler Allgeier and Caleb Huntley will assume command of the Falcons’ rear area.

In the case of Fantasy Football, it’s advisable to send Patterson to IR and wait for him to return in four weeks, so while Allgeier is a good option, he has logged 11 touches over 100 yards since last Sunday.

RB Jonathan Taylor

Taylor’s injury is hard to predict because he looked serious at first, but now he has a chance to play against the Broncos this Thursday. Due to the limited information, it will be necessary to monitor the star runner’s condition daily.

That said, the Broncos’ defense is one of the best at stopping the run, so if you have more reliable options on your roster – like an RB3 – I recommend using them.

QB Tua Tagovailoa

The Dolphins QB will not play in Week 5 against the New York Jets, so Teddy Bridgewater will take over the offensive controls. If you are Tua’s manager, you may not have much to worry about as there are options in the Disclaimer.

The biggest, probably downside impact will be on the players around him like Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle; however, I don’t think this will be a significant drop, so both should still be newbies on your roster, just limit your expectations.

How to use FLEX position in Fantasy Football?

The FLEX position on your Fantasy Football squad is the position where you can put a comeback or receiver and in some cases a tight end or even a quarterback in leagues called Superflex, but most of the time it’s just RB/WR.

As the name suggests, this position gives you the flexibility to make changes each week that best suits you, ideally putting your RB3 or WR3 with the best match that week, but there are ways to take advantage of this position already. them to you below.

Suspected or suspected injured players

It is normal for players to be injured during practice and for a suspicious tag to be assigned and maintained hours before kick-off.

So if you have a player in this situation it’s best to drop them into the flex position so you have the option of replacing them with an RB or WR instead of just a position in case they don’t play.

Do not put TNF players

Similarly, placing a player from Thursday’s match gives you less room for maneuver on your roster, because Friday or Saturday you can change the status of one of your other players and the possibility of swapping with an RB or WR is missed.

So if you have Mike Boone as your FLEX this Week 5 on your roster, if you are playing Colts on TNF, move him to RB1 or RB2 position to avoid losing this slot.

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