Ibón’s team was one point away from tying the points record in favor of 115 points.

00:00 FINISHED! Unicaja will be in the final against Patrioti Levice after beating Den Bosch 114-58 at 12:30 on Sunday.

00:50 TRIPLEEEE from Kalinoski, one pass from Tyson, party breaks out in Carpena (112-58)

01:40 Osetkowski’s defender who scored a personal goal and scored two free throws (109-58)

02:00 A pass from Ejim from Kalinoski TRIPLEEEEEEE (105-56)

03:20 Great move from Ejim in the post to put 100 points in electronics

04:00 Melvin Ejim scores unopposed and sings the Carpena anthem (98-53)

05:00 Four points from Tyson Carter brought Malaga closer to 100 points (96-49). opponent break

06:00 Two Tyson Carter Scores (92-47)

06:30 Den Bosch bonus (5 fouls), taking both shots from the personal and free throw line at Brizuela

07:00 Den Bosch eats what he has

07:30 Melvin Ejim scores two free throws, a waiting point for the people of Malaga (88-45)

08:00 Den Bosch Break (86-45)

09:15 Brizuela penetrates, gets personal and scores. Additional fail (85-45)

10:00 Owning Den Bosch

4th Quarter

Unicaja won the second quarter 27-13 and the third quarter 30-16

00:00 On the horn, Perry added two more points (83-45)

00:40 Perry gets off the side and scores with a pass from Obradoiro. Carpena applauds his team (81-45)

01:50 Barreiro, three on Perry’s pass (78-42)

02:20 Augusto Lima scores with a shot in the bottle (75-42)

04:00 Perry secured two free throws for his squad and the ball was recovered, another position for Unicaja (70-40)

05:50 TRIPLEEEEEEE is another one from Unicaja. This time Dedovic appeared in the corner with a pass from Osetkowski (66-40)

06:20 Kravish scores unopposed on Alberto Díaz’s pass (63-40)

08:40 Alberto Díaz gets a limpet and the ball, Osetkowski doesn’t hit under the rim but Dedovic does (59-37)

10:00 Ball to Unicaja and simple basket to Dedovic after Kalinoski’s pass, leaving him alone under the rim

3rd Quarter

🚨 2Q FINAL. 53-29 up🏆 Qualifying Semi-Finals @BasketballCL 🆚 @HeroesDenBosch 📻 LIVE | https://t.co/WkpdILayAj💚💜 #UnicajaLive #BasketballCL pic.twitter.com/MgNpBKluqa

– UnicajaCB (@unicajaCB) September 23, 2022

Perry becomes one of the most elite of Malaga’s ranks

👏 Show @kendrick3perrySitting with 11 points and Alberto standing ovation 🔝📻 LIVE | https://t.co/7o835yqMXr💚💜 #UnicajaLive #BasketballCL pic.twitter.com/SmAbb84f01

– UnicajaCB (@unicajaCB) September 23, 2022

Animation Stand enjoying the usual Kiki palm tree and watching the amazing performance of the band Ibón

To D. Alberto Díaz, the first palm tree of the season, the heart of Carpena, now the heart of Spain!!!

We’re out of thins! pic.twitter.com/7lTpL84c0C

— GerardoGRamos💪 (@GerardoGRamos) September 23, 2022

🏀@basquemambaAlberto Díaz, Javi Salvo and Ángel Cañete posed with their gold medals. @BasketbolESP against Martín Carpena in the Eurobasket@unicajaCB https://t.co/ysLIL5277f

– malagahoydxt (@malagahoydxt) September 23, 2022

This is how the tribute to the European champions came about

👏🇪🇸 BRAVO, CHAMPIONS!🥇🏆🔝 Big round of applause at the tournament #carpena for Albert, @basquemambaAngel and Javi!💚💜 #YoSoyDelUnicaja #EuroBasket @BasketbolESP @EuroBasket @BasketballCL pic.twitter.com/qJwwBonal3

– UnicajaCB (@unicajaCB) September 23, 2022


00:00 End of second quarter. Unicaja finished the half ahead 53-29.

01:00 Martin Carpena is throwing a party

01:40 Opponent coach seeks time out, Unicaja wins by 25 points (53-28)

03:00 Brizuela continues with the Eurobasket mentality and is currently scoring with one entry (50-28)

03:30 Perry’s ringing and TRIPLEEEEEE at 8, Brizuela came out (48-28)

04:30 Suffocating pressure from Perry to force the opposing quarterback’s footsteps, owning Unicaja

05:00 TRIPLEEEEE from Osetkowski, one pass from Tyson, but Den Bosh responds with another trio (42-28)

2. Quarter

00:00 Unicaja rules in the first quarter (26-16

02:30 Don Bosch’s timeout (23-14)

03:00 Will Thomas re-enters from the periphery. good defense a posteriori Unicaja (21-14)

03:20 Alberto Díaz entered the rink to be applauded by the fans

03:30 Perry scores again from the 6.75m line (19-12)

05:00 Will and Perry put Unicaja up 4 (16-12)

06:00 Perry buys from Kaliniski and doesn’t think… TRIPLE! (12-7)

07:00 Jonathan Barreiro also joined the three-pointer, Unicaja came out hot (9-7)

08:30 The match continues with good defense from Unicaja and now another TRIPLE from Perry (6-4).

09:00 Encounter stopped due to technical problems, electronics not working

09:04 Unicaja trio, Tyler Kalinoski out (3-2)

10:00 First position for Unicaja

1st quarter

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍MA-LA-GA😍💚💜 #YoSoyDelUnicaja #BasketballCL pic.twitter.com/H9nxF3aLJB

– UnicajaCB (@unicajaCB) September 23, 2022

🥇 Manuel Azuaga and José Manuel Domínguez, presidents @UnicajaBanco Y @FundUnicaja Before jumping on the track, they wanted to congratulate the European Champions🔝Great Alberto, Darío, Ángel and Javi!#YoSoyDelUnicaja #UnicajaEsBasketball #UnionesQueSuman pic.twitter.com/GRQp5Z6plZ

– UnicajaCB (@unicajaCB) September 23, 2022

😍 NO MORE!🏆 Semi-Finals @BasketballCL🆚 @HeroesDenBosch⌚️ 20:30 🥳 #Fan Zone ⚠️ 𝐀𝐁𝐎𝐍𝐀𝐃𝐎, this match is included in your subscription🎟️ https://t.co/eBKih1t36l💚💜#YoSoyDelUnicaja #BasketballCL pic.twitter.com/hY8873kwpN

– UnicajaCB (@unicajaCB) September 23, 2022

🏀 There is a request for basketball @unicajaCBLess than an hour before the start of the match, this atmosphere. @HeroesDenBosch in the preliminary stage @BasketballCL pic.twitter.com/aMPWxy7mM6

– malagahoydxt (@malagahoydxt) September 23, 2022

🏀 group @unicajaCB He starts warming up the engines before cheering for his team in the first place. @BasketballCL pic.twitter.com/eDOhaULAPj

– malagahoydxt (@malagahoydxt) September 23, 2022

One hour to start the semi-final of the preliminary stage to access the BCL between Unicaja and Unicaja Heroes Den Bosch. this Patriotic Levi After defeating (57-81) with great authority, the winner will be his opponent this Sunday (12:30). Karhu Kauhajoki Finnish.


this one box You cannot afford failures, not even one, this is how the tough 2022/23 season begins for the people of Malaga. The development of the last campaign gets this one in trouble. With the audience and one goal in mind, the typesetter begin the course at home to reach the group stage of the group. BCL. on the road, heroes Den Bosch Y Karhu Kauhajoki anyone patriotic Levi. team Holland waiting for semi-finals after losing KK Siauliai 85-73 last Wednesday. On the other side of the table is the Finnish team and Slovakia, Friday will be the first game, either of them will already be in the final when they start the Unicaja match.

But before you look at the end, you must look at the result. Heroes Den Bosch. For many, this is an absolute obscurity, like the other teams in the preliminary stage, but for this reason it should not be taken lightly. already warned him ibon navarro “We are not afraid, we have a lot of respect and we do not underestimate him as a competitor. He has strengths and weaknesses and we know them very well,” he said at a press conference.

Club offered this week Malaga born from the merger in 2005 EBBC Den Bosch and Eiffel Towers Nijmegen. Recently, it has not experienced great adventures outside its own borders, and has been the team competing under its name. EBBC Den Bosch Won 12 league titles and was a finalist 1979 European Cup Winners’ Cup. That year they exceeded Sinudyne Bologna fell 83-73 in semi-finals, finals Gabetti cantu. After the merger, they became champions of the domestic league four times. reproducerecently reborn BNXT Leaguea multinational competition with teams Belgium Y countries Low.

History aside, Den Bosch It comes with a good dynamic after imposing itself. KK Siauliai. The Dutch team did not offer the Lithuanian club many options. He left with a 22-point margin and the match was taken under control. good third quarter SiauliaiA positive streak of 24 to 12 brought them even closer on the scoreboard, but multiple mistakes made by the Baltics on both sides of the pitch won the team. Holland to get the match.

Although he had good individual flashes in qualifying, he didn’t have to do a big batch of basketball practice to beat the round. Den Bosch. emmet naarThe 28-year-old Australian playmaker is one of the mainstays of the team. He finished the game with 17 points, 7 assists and 24 points for the Dutch team that was with him on the field. Verners Koh’s Y Thomas Van der Marswith 17 and 12 points respectively. Van der Mars He also added 11 rebounds and the team had 23 more rebounds on the court. It will be necessary to see him when he has to fight him. Lima, Osetkowski and Kravishbut we should not overlook it.

Composers are almost at full capacity, Lima has some discomfort and Kendrick Perry the ankle is developing well, as I explained ibon navarro. Albert and Darius they just landed and barely trained with the team, they are “in cotton wool”, European Basket. But even if it’s emotional, both will add another dimension to the team because of their talent and commitment. Coming to the top Dylan OssetkowskiHe could be seen observing his opponent from the stands on Wednesday, who was the season’s best compositor in the pre-season. carpenawearing his shirt Malaga like one more

Most likely Perry will start, for now, as the starting quarterback in the face of Alberto Díaz’s situation, he made an excellent debut against Montenegro. Coviran Grenadealthough he couldn’t approve of it against Betis with that fear in his ankle. Tyler KalinoskiThe quiet worker can be very important in these head-to-head matches, with both his accuracy and his ability to shoot from the environment.

With the two quarterbacks already in team dynamics, Nihad Djedovic it will return to its natural position focusing more on two and three and improvements can be seen in Tyson Carter. It has had its ups and downs in the pre-season, but ibon He is completely convinced of his abilities and attributes the slow adaptation to a lack of parts that are pushing him. sump taking on less flattering tasks for playstyles such as team management. Today we’re going to see how all these pieces with the first real season test fit together, this time with no margin for error.

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