As surprising as can be lightning crank top champion League of Legends. The most feared boost for low-ranked players, who had been mandated ‘ban’ in Bronze or Iron for years, is now champion-to-champion. A hero who can strike fear even among members of the community with the highest MMR, who are incredibly supportive of users’ senses Statistics collected over 250,000 games. This was because Riot Games occasionally wanted to make him appear in locations away from the bottom lane.

A change that Riot Games doesn’t know how to stop

The Blitzcrank improvements were part of a very interesting initiative by the developers of League of Legends. We’ve talked about this and its special effects before, but it was mainly about increasing the power of champions in skills or scaling that they couldn’t benefit from with their traditional builds. That way, normal games can be played in slightly more fun ways, and League of Legends can encourage players to play non-competitive modes more. However, in the case of this golem the company didn’t know how to brake.

Blitzcrank is now ranked - a feared champion in League of Legends
Blitzcrank is now a feared rank champion

While most champions who received these buffs did so in such a way that they could only take advantage of them with unconventional builds, Blitzcrank took advantage of it. big power gains Not well focused during 12.19 Patch. Riot Games has increased the power of all their abilities by adding new features that make them stand out when they appear as a support, although they look brighter when we take the character to a solo lane or jungle. This resulted in the win rate increasing by a dazzling 3.3% for rankings above Platinum, bringing the total to 54.6%.

This record makes it stat-wise strongest champion in the game from said ranking (often used as a reference) and in the video game’s second-best ranking if we take into account the entire ranking ladder. It just follows Heimerdinger, where Riot Games seems to have made an exception due to its low pick rate and few complaints about it. Things have gotten to the point where Blitzcrank is now among the most banned heroes in all ranked matches, including the highest ranks where he’s a traditionally unsung champion.

Riot wanted to do better than Jungle Blitzcrank, but the price was too high... - League of Legends
Riot wanted to make Jungle Blitzcrank better, but the cost was too high…

The numbers are unprecedented since then, although Blitzcrank has always had its “haters”, it is now as hated as Shaco or Yasuo. The situation is even invited to think about an urgent nerf By the developers of League of Legends. However, these changes are yet to come and there is not even any statement from the developers that they will happen. In that sense, while a power reduction is almost guaranteed in the next update, the character may remain throughout the patch as the game-winning machine we all need as the end of Season 12 approaches.

The next League of Legends patch will be at 12.20 and will arrive on Wednesday, October 19 according to the Riot Games update schedule… Until then, enjoy!

It wasn’t the game mode that drew players the longest, but all of us who enjoyed League of Legends a few years ago tried the Cursed Bots of Death. Now that nostalgia has rekindled interest, it’s time to review its history.

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