Just like in the seasons of Worlds, RiotGames wanted to announce it through a video with its developers. upcoming changes To League of Legends for next season. this 2023 will not be a year full of changes As in previous seasons, but it will have quite interesting additions and of course it will change the meta of the game and above all, it will give players more options to enjoy the games with the additions that the game needs as soon as possible.

Big changes in the forest

On the occasion of the landing of the 2023 League of Legends Preseason, the forest will be completely overhauled. Find out all the details and changes that will be in the game and how this position will work after adjustments.

One of the biggest changes coming to League of Legends next season, with the return of pets, will be the jungle position. A few seasons ago, these little animals were the unanimous heroes of the position, as it allowed us to have a small ghost wolf to easily clear the camps.

Now, this mechanic is once again expanding to offer us the opportunity to acquire a companion. We will have to feed him according to enemy camps or champions and take care of him until game time when he can stand up for us. Its evolution can also be achieved with the simple passage of time, so it will be effective throughout the game. farm.

New items and old friends coming to the Rift

League of Legends is gearing up for the landing of a new pre-season era marked by major changes to the item system. Riot Games has already communicated all the items that will change and what will be the main news in the game store.

Most of the new items coming to League of Legends in the form of new items are related to tanks. This applies to three of the five objects included in the object. list On the occasion of the 2023 Pre-Season Season.

In addition, anyone destined for this role will do so as Mythics, which will make them very important during games and make these characters the most items in this role. Also returning are the two eliminated Legends that the community fondly remember and who return in style to drive the current meta even wilder.

Technochemical dragon returns in style

On the occasion of the introduction of the new preseason on the test server, Riot Games has announced all the news coming to League of Legends. Among them is a new version of a Technochemical Dragon returning to the Summoner’s Rift with no resemblance to its ancestor.

One of the biggest supplements to the new League of Legends pre-season is an old friend that only causes headaches for the developer. Riot Games had already announced that Technochemical Dragon would be returning to the game due to the news prior to the start of Season 13. However, the developers have not yet made a full and meaningful statement about the benefits of eliminating this dragon that has so much. problems. caused. Now, a few months later, we already know all that this beast, as important as feared, has to offer.

Changes to the Topplane experience

Top lane is getting buffs this Pre-Season after teleport adjustments with big losers. In addition, they will balance the gold with the rest of the lines and be the one to gain the most gold and experience for killing minions.

Riot will be looking for big changes in the lane phase, looking for some dynamism in the top lane, something that was abandoned after the Teleport settings that did too much damage to this place. During this time, we’ve seen more or less stable meta, but in which some interesting combinations like Janna, Karma or Taric pop up along with the crush. This technique exposed some of Riot’s flaws in this regard, and they wanted to fix it by significantly enhancing the role of a particular Spanish Toplaner to prevent him from continuing to discover real abominations.

Communications is getting big changes for 2023

One of the biggest changes to League of Legends Pre-Season will have nothing to do with the game. Rather, it is an adjustment to communication systems aimed at making up for the lack of voice chat to the community.

The developers of League of Legends knew that the game needed more options when it came to communicating with teammates at certain times, so they set out to add them. When Pre-Season 2023 arrives, there will be twice as many options in the flash message menu split between the normal command wheel and a new vision-only option, in addition to other options like attacking a target.

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