More than five years ago, Riot Games launched a weird YouTube channel called “.League of Legends – Top Secret Channel”. An area on the most popular video platform on the internet that apparently offers absolutely nothing to gamers. If we go to the Home tab or look under Videos, all we will find is a message that we rarely pay attention to: “There is no content on this channel”. Apparently, neither the developers nor the company’s marketing department have ever used it. Of course, if the previous sentence was true, we wouldn’t even be talking about it.

What’s on the “hidden” League of Legends YouTube channel?

The truth is, if we want to talk about this ‘unofficial’ League of Legends YouTube channel, it’s because its content is really interesting. First of all, there is 16 private uploaded videos that all players can see. This is because they are part of a playlist, although they are uploaded in incognito mode so that they can only be accessed by users with a direct link. Looks like someone forgot to disable it or was too lazy to do it. It’s okay in the eyes of those who just want to keep it ‘semi-hidden’ and dig a little deeper, as it is content that is additionally and later made public.

All videos available on the channel are similar to this

Except for one, all the videos that are part of this playlist mentioned above are cut with the same die. These are clips of less than one minute showing footage snippets that are then used to create promotional trailers for skin collections. The only exception is a 2 minute 19 second video which is actually all promotional material. Thus, the first part of the mystery is solved: the main use share clips internally so it can be evaluated by the whole company.

Of course, the Riot Games method is easier than sharing files that have to go through different departments to get approved. However, despite this more than enough to justify existence From the “super secret channel of League of Legends”, the truth is there is another type of content in the same space that we would pay a lot of money to see. We’re talking about a second category of videos that includes removed abilities, champion testing phases, or new features that no one but the developer has seen.

This was Rek'Sai during development - League of Legends
This was Rek’Sai during development.

It’s fully confirmed that Riot Games uses this channel within the developer to share playable tests of champions as well. In fact, there have been several occasions when company employees have wanted to offer some direct links to the community so they can view some of the videos that populate this YouTube channel. That’s how we were able to get the above screenshot showing how the Rek’Sai tunnels work in the early stages of their development in a way that’s almost impossible to understand. became a champion A Void Fizz ultimate that pierces Thresh’s two lanterns connected.

The thing about all the videos uploaded to this secret Riot Games YouTube channel is that they were only shared years after they were filmed. In this sense, it is more than a suspicion or a groundless accusation, it is the evidence of all the data we do not know about. K’Sante and maybe some new champions that haven’t been officially confirmed by the developer. Very close and also inaccessible for all people who do not have the highest level of security pass in the company.

Then you can enjoy a compilation of about one minute videos from this channel showing the first version of Gnar.

Riot Games has decided to anonymize the champion selection phase in League of Legends. A very controversial change that will reduce abandonment, but also leave players helpless in many situations.

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