Counting the worst champion in history League of Legends The person who has underperformed for the longest consecutive period of time, Rize is the only possible choice. The character was almost abandoned to his fate by Riot Games due to the good use of the pros. A situation that kept him in jail throughout season 12. Taking into account 2022 and rank above Platinum, the highest win rate was 47.1% in Patch 12.2. That was eight months ago and it wasn’t even a positive record.

Repetitive crappy job by Riot Games

Riot Games has announced the power increase for Ryze. Adjustments will be made in the next 12.19 Patch and will come to slow the champion’s serious problems by increasing the damage of two of their abilities. When the next version is released, it’s far from popping to the top of the tier list. However, an improvement may be enough to get him closer to where he was at the start of the year from his current 45.7% win rate. Will still be a villainous herobut at least you can play with minimum guarantees.

Not all refreshes have served to fix Ryze - League of Legends' serious issues
Not all reworks have served to fix Ryze’s serious problems.

While Worlds 2022 has yet to be played and is the most important tournament in competitive League of Legends, Riot Games has chosen Patch 12.19 to improve Ryze as it will not affect the pros. The world championship will be played in its entirety in the version currently in play (12.18), and there will be no more major tournaments until the beginning of next year. This means that ‘professionals’ will be immune to these changes so that the character’s performance does not skyrocket in the elite environment.

The truth is, Ryze fans shouldn’t pity a candy like the healing their champions receive. Again, Riot Games shows it’s following an unsustainable model. In this sense, it helps us to take a look at the history of patches that affect the champion.


Patch 12.19 – Release immediately after Worlds 2022

Q (Electric Shock) and W (Rune Prison) damage increased

Patch 11.19 – Worlds 2021 Version

Q (Electric Shock) damage reduction and E (Electric Storm) cooldown increase

Patch 10.20 – Release immediately after Worlds 2020

Q (Electric Shock) damage increased

Patch 9.17 – Two patches before Worlds 2019

Decreased base magic resist

Patch 8.18 – Release just before Worlds 2018

W (Rune Prison) reduced duration when combined with E (Electric Storm)

Far from any conspiracy theory, the past few years show a clear pattern. Ryze always receives power downs before the world championships are held, or buffs after the tournament’s patch has passed. Decisions are more arbitrary than justified. it stems from the developers’ fear of monopolizing the spotlight all over the world. It’s not that we don’t understand this panic as the Champion dominates League of Legends tournaments. However, the strategy has proven to be extremely weak.

In this sense, it is normal for the League of Legends community to continue to complain. It’s unlikely to think that in the last five years Riot Games hasn’t found a moment of calm to get serious with a serious problem. Big update to Ryze. Maybe it’s time for a new rework or major game changes. We don’t have a perfect recipe, but it’s clear that something needs to change before the character changes again as part of Worlds 2023.

League of Legends developers know that it is impossible to change the traditions of the community and have chosen to change their policies regarding legendary items. It’s a victory for players who will downplay this system, which was introduced two seasons ago.

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