An event that will take place at Ferrol Harbor

05 October 2022 . Updated at 23:13.

Ferrol port is getting ready for Eid al-Adha celebrations. Parish Urban Gamesa free event that starts tomorrow and will host different tests until Sunday, demonstrationsand even do city sports. Jorge Cobelo Y Ferdinand AmadorNachios Fest organizers joined hands with the Port Authority and Xunta to organize this event. The pontoon that will support the structure for the development of the international climbing test is being prepared at the pier. Psicoblock Master Series, a spectacular modality that will take place on the water as the wall will be fixed to the pontoon at Curuxeiras dock where the event will take place. There will be a speed climbing wall at the recent Tokyo Games, a recent Olympic competition that some members of the national team will take part in. The event will be attended by Galician Erik Noya, silver medalist at the last world championship and currently number 3 at the World Cup, and Spanish champion María Laborda. In addition, the port will host the I Open Galego de Velocidade. Another attraction is loosenessThe sky will be filled with tightrope walkers who will demonstrate their skills with jumps higher than 20 meters. There will also be an area dedicated to applications. skate with ramps half pipe traditional and skate surfing. To round off the offering, there will also be a space dedicated to fans and practitioners of one of the most popular forms of urban dance. hip hop.

Magic and lots of humor

Wizard Jandro He went through RadioVoz yesterday to give an account of his presence at Ferrol on October 23 and presented his show. Wild. After triumphing in the United States, Jandro descended into the Caranza auditorium with his hilarious magic show. With never-before-seen numbers, it’s guaranteed to be his craziest and funniest show ever. In the United States, he broke all records in the world of magic and won four times in a row. fool us mug Something that no one has accomplished in Las Vegas. Tickets are already on sale on Ataquilla to experience the best numbers live without camera tricks and friends. An unusual spectacle beyond all logic. Jandro says: I’ll make sure you leave the theater happier than when you entered. He wildly plays with the irony and good humor of this bald artist who also gives double meaning to the title of an interactive show where he mixes comedy with different types of magic, creating a different kind of magic. To show unique and very personal. It would have been a luxury to enjoy Jandro’s performance at Ferrol after his triumph at the La Latina theatre. By the way, we see him every night in front of TVE 1. map It offers entertainment and information. We had some fun with him yesterday. It will get even better in the 23rd Ferrol Auditorium.

Getting to know the campus

A Corua University Ferrol Campus said goodbye to September with the celebration of Noite Europea das Persoas Investigadoras. For this reason, the research and technical team started a series of activities to participate for the second time in the celebration, which was held simultaneously in 400 university cities of Europe throughout the day. The entire team of Navais and the Industrial Technology Research Center (CITENI) on the Ferrol campus, Anne Gossett, dedicated the day to offer participants, especially families with children, the opportunity to participate in workshops and guided tours of different departments.

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