The Revolving Games team is led by video game veterans Saad, Ammar and Shayan Zaeem.

It seems that after the bursting of the crypto bubble and NFTs, a maturation phase has begun in crypto markets and businesses.

In this scenario, in the last quarter of 2022, the video game company Spinning Gamesmanaged to collect $13.2 million Developing AAA games that integrate technology blockchain.

By VentureBeat, start It has the backing of major players in the ecosystem, led by developers and Saad brothers Ammar and Shayan Zaeem. Polygon, Dapper Labs, Pantera Capital, Animoca Brandsamong others.

Rotary Quarterbacks
The founders of Revolving Games are Saad, Ammar and Shayan Zaeem. Source: VentureBeat.

Considered among the Rotary Games consultants Dan Houserco-founder rockstar games. Thus, the company works with those involved in the development of important epics such as the following. Grand Theft Auto (GTA) -the fifth version of which is one of the best-selling video games in history- and Red Dead Redemption.

In an interview, Saad Zaeem says he met Houser a few years ago, so they started exploring ideas together. “an industry legend”.

The work of Spinning Games

Initially, he was part of video game developer Web2 and worked on video games for the following. smart phones beside 2K. But everything changed when they discovered how Web3 was innovating the industry.

yacht siuco-founder Animoca BrandsZaeem emphasized the enthusiasm of the brothers.

“We love the work we’ve seen at Revolving Games and especially their passion for creating a Web3 ecosystem of exciting and unique gaming experiences. We believe it has a bright future and we are happy to offer our support.”

The company currently has more than 100 employees working on two games. blockchain: Battlestar Galactica; Developed with Gala Games and supported by NBCUniversal; Y Heritage from the Skynetworked exploration RPG polygonAll will be published by Revolving Games.

According to its founders, its purpose is Re-imagine how to create video games for Web3. Saad Zeem said it had nothing to do with players investing their money to make a profit.

“This is limited and we are not interested. It’s something we’ve never focused on. Our goal is to deliver a great game that truly gains ownership. […] We want to be one of those companies that define what it really means to be in this era and what player ownership means.”

Revolving Games will offer experiences with two games free to play. So, players won’t have to pay to start playing, something we can already see here. Fortnite, Rocket League and Destiny.

We believe that players should be able to experience our games for free and spend their time learning about our world.”

But there will be ways to spend money on them, such as the option to buy NFTs that are part of their economy.


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