Team17 announced king of the castleA multiplayer game for PC (Steam) is narrative-based as well as broadcast-based, set in a fictional fantasy realm.

A game in development by London-based studio Tributary Games, whose trailer you can explore below:

About the Castle King, an outside help ruler

knocking on the doors of the PC in 2023, king of the castle will let us Use our Twitch account or web browser Obtaining the mantle of a Sovereign or one of his Noble Councils from the game’s five unique regions.

Throughout each story, both the Sovereign and Nobles will have to work together to navigate a world filled with power, fantasy and political intrigue as they face the treacherous and often ludicrous consequences of manipulating a potential’s destiny. empire. unstable.

The game hosts king of the castle You will play as the ‘Monarch’ and work on a series of mini-stories with unique challenges, many of which can have far-reaching consequences.

To the nobility, words are weapons and at the start of each game we will be given a unique homeland and we can express our thoughts using Twitch chat to discuss the dilemmas facing the crown; planning not-so-secret uprisings; or voting for key decisions, the effect and legitimacy of which will be determined by the Sovereign.

These are the main features Castle King:

  • Online cooperative multiplayer: Team up with friends or strangers via Twitch or your web browser to guide the destiny of your kingdom, face unique challenges, and play a key role in the fall or rise of an empire.
  • Write your story: Play through hundreds of unique medieval fantasy stories, each with their own characters, options, and far-reaching consequences.
    Give Peace a Chanceā€¦ Or Not: As a monarch, balance the conflicting demands of your nobles while keeping an eye out for political turmoil or rebellion.
  • Democracy Manifesto: bribe, deceive, or scare your way through tough ballots, or completely change the law for greater influence in polls
  • Customize your kingdom– Protect your heritage in the world by choosing your name, pronouns, appearance and even family crest.
  • Web browser mode: Gather a small group of 4 to 21 people and play with your friends. Only King of the Castle game owners need to have a copy of the game, everyone else can join from their mobile device or web browser using a unique access code.

samuel partridgeTributary Games’ development lead commented:

King of the Castle is not only a unique game that revolutionizes social storytelling, it’s also our first game as a studio, so we’re totally focused on doing the right thing.

Team17 has a storied history of helping small teams deliver games. that achieves a high standard of quality and polishes it without compromising its central premise. This is very important to us and it was clear from the start that Team17 understands this and has the resources to help us focus on development and unlock the full potential of the game.

for your share Roger Carpenter Head of Studies at Team17 Digital said:

We are happy to work with Tributary Games on King of the Castle. The game’s unique social storytelling really appealed to us, and we look forward to helping the team bring players a unique multiplayer experience on PC in 2023.

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