The 2022 Summer Music Festival Season Begins /

Tanglewood Learning Institute (TLI) and Tanglewood Music Center (TMC) Events TLI In Conversation with soprano Janai Brugger (7/14); TLI Open Vocal Workshop with soprano Dawn Upshaw coaching Fellows of the Tanglewood Music Center (7/14), and TLI Presents with pianist Stephen Drury performing Frederic Rzewski’s landmark piano masterwork, “The People United Will Never Be Defeated!” (7/17).

Look for weekly Classical Beat previews and recommended concert and related events programming at Tanglewood throughout July and August.

Taconic Music

Based in Manchester, Vt., This vivacious and innovative music festival, led by co-founders Ariel Rudiakov and Joana Genova-Rudiakov have already hit the ground running with stylistically varied and imaginative programming. Taconic’s season runs through July 11. Look for the weekly Classical Beat listings. Here are three upcoming special events:

Master class: Wednesday, June 22, 7:00 pm: Master classes allow the audience to experience firsthand how chamber music is refined and brought to a whole new level. A visiting artist, ensemble, or faculty member will work with student groups, offering insights about interpretation and style. Performance venue is at the Riley Center for the Arts at Burr and Burton Academy, 143 Seminary Avenue, Manchester, Vt. Free admission. Reservations are requested.

Faculty Concert II: Saturday, June 25, 7: 30-8: 45 pm: Haydn: String Quartet in C Major, Op. 33, no. 3; Leoš Janáček: “In the Mists” – Miki Aoki, piano; Ernst von Dohnányi: Piano Quintet No. 2 in E-flat Minor, op. 26. Adults: $ 25. Students / Kids FREE. Reservations are recommended.

Young Artists’ Concert I: Monday, June 27, 7: 00-9: 15 pm Music featured will be by Haydn, Dvořák, Shostakovich and Brahms. Performance venue: the Riley Center for the Arts at Burr and Burton Academy, 143 Seminary Avenue, Manchester, Vt. FREE admission.

For all Taconic Music tickets, concert and related information: (802) 362– 7162. Online: Masks are requested for all indoor events.

Marlboro Music – chamber music heaven in July and August

Just a little over an hour from North Adams is Marlboro Music, this year celebrating its 71st season. Located near Brattleboro, VT., Marlboro is too important a musical destination to ignore; the venue presents the finest in chamber music in the region, and is a necessary stop along the ‘via music‘for classical music pilgrims. Located on the campus of the former Marlboro College, the Music Festival and School offers weekend programs from mid-July to mid-August. This summer, 92 students – performers from 20 countries, with 24 first-time participants, will be joining Marlboro’s master

artistic directors and senior artists to form one large musical family. For seven weeks, they will live, learn, and play together, exploring and exchanging ideas on approximately 250 instrumental and vocal works amid Marlboro’s warm community atmosphere and the natural beauty of southeastern Vermont. These gifted students are young professional concert artists, symphony orchestra members, chamber music artists, and exceptionally gifted conservatory or university students, and are taught by internationally renowned chamber musicians. Programs are only announced a day or two before each concert, but this is incidental to Marlboro aficionados; they come to revel in the music, whatever is offered – it’s that good.

Weekend concerts run from July 16-August 14. All programs and open rehearsals take place at Persons Auditorium during the day, beginning of the week of July 11. Schedules are announced at the beginning of each week and include works that will be performed on the following weekend’s concert programs. Admission to the rehearsals is free, and no tickets or advance signup is required. If you have any questions or wish to purchase concert tickets, please contact the box office Manager, Patrick LaVecchia- Burke, at (215) 569-4690, or via email at

Look for weekly Classical Beat concert previews for these and other regional venues each week on Wednesdays.

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