From 12 September 2022

The Athletic Club Foundation presented the schedule for the X edition of the Thinking Football Film Festival in San Mamés. A good six days of football cinema between 19th and 25th September, Friday the 23rd is a rest day. Juan Carlos Ercoreca, president of the Athletic Club Foundation, attended the introductory press conference of Jon Ruigómez, second vice president of the Athletic Club. director Igor San Román, director of the BBK Foundation, Gorka Martínez, Member of the Bilbao City Council Culture and Governance Council, Gonzalo Olabarria, and Jon Vázquez Eguskiza, general manager of the Foundation.

In the first public action of the Foundation and the new Board of Directors, Vice President Jon Ruigómez thanked above all the work the Foundation has done in recent years. In the same way, he reminded that the fundamental importance given to the Foundation by the Board of Directors has already been stated in the İZAN ATHLETISM program, which is the ideal way to give back to the society some of what the society has given to the Athletics Club. Finally, he also highlighted the importance of Thinking in relation to the unique identity of Athletic Club, an international festival that helps to expand the Athletic brand by combining it with social and cultural values.

Likewise, Fundazioa Project Manager Galder Reguera was responsible for detailing the festival program and announcing the participation of Andy Townsend, Gordon Strachan, Alicia Vargas, Martin Bengtsson and Juanjo Giménez. All of them will participate in talks about some of the festival’s films and will be held at the BBK Hall after the screenings. Admission is free, but digitally booking a seat is required.

Among this year’s novelties are also new festival website where not only all the information in this edition is collected, but also other sections devoted to, for example, previous editions or the festival’s winners list.

Opening on the 19th, “Finding Jack Charlton” and the presence of Andy Townsend

The Festival kicks off on Monday 19 at 7:00 PM with the UK movie “Finding Jack Charlton” directed by Gabriel Clarke and Pete Thomas. The film is an intimate take on the figure of the legendary coach of the Irish national team. Filmed in the last eighteen months of Jack Charlton’s life, when the legend suffered from dementia, the film is also a moving reflection on identity and memory.

Famous former Irish actor Andy Townsend will also join the room, who will speak with director Pete Thomas and The Guardian’s writer Sid Lowe at the film forum.

Tuesday 20, “God Bless Wings” and “Three Kings” with Gordon Strachan

The second day begins with the release of “God Bless Wings”, the North American movie directed by Adam Knapp and Kenneth Linn, at 6:00 pm. The documentary tells the story of the professional indoor soccer team that became a social phenomenon in the city of Wichita in 1979.

The most important event of the day comes with the screening of “Three Kings” directed by Jonny Owen at 20:00. The film tells the incredible story of Matt Busby, Bill Shankly and Jock Stein, three men born 30 miles south of Glasgow.

This main session will be attended by Scottish legend Gordon Strachan, who will chat with the film’s director, Jonny Owen, at the next discussion.

Wednesday, 21st, “Wenger: Invincible” and “Nadia” with Myriam Weil and Edtih Chapin

The first session (18:00) will screen the Anglo-French film “Wenger: Invincible” directed by directors Gabriel Clarke and Christian Jeanpierre. He tells the story of the man who revolutionized Arsenal and took over the legendary London club for 22 years.

The day ends with the French movie “Nadia” directed by Anissa Bonnefont at 8:00 pm. The documentary tells the touching story of Nadia Nadim, who after the war in Afghanistan turned from a refugee girl to one of the biggest stars in women’s football.

The film’s producer and screenwriter Myriam Weil and Edtih Chapin will attend the film forum.

Thursday, 22nd, “LFG” and “Hidden goal: champions” with Alicia Vargas

For Thursday, the Thinking program is two films dedicated to women’s football. The festival saves “LFG” in its first session after the US Football Association accepted players’ equal pay demands in May of this year.

From ESPN we get the documentary “Hidden Goal: champions” directed by Martín and Daniel Ainstein. The story of the Mexican women’s team that played in the 1971 world football championship and was declared runner-up. Alicia “Pelé” Vargas, considered one of the best players of all time and the top scorer of this historical team, will participate in the interview after the movie.

Saturday 24, two short films and “Tigrar” with Martin Bengtsson

The weekend will start at 18:00 with the screening of two award-winning short films: “Tala’vision”, which won the jury prize at the 11mm Berlin Film Festival; and “Steh auf du sau!”, an Austrian medium-length film competing at the 43rd Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis.

One of the highlights of Thinking will undoubtedly be the Swedish movie on Saturday evening at 20:00. Directed by Ronnie Sandahl, “Tigrar” tells the story of Inter Milan great Martin Bengtsson. Based on the actor’s own autobiography, he addresses the consequences of mental illness in sports. The 16-year-old Bengtsson was one of Swedish football’s biggest promises, but he didn’t know the price he had to pay to make his dream come true.

Martin Bengtsson, the protagonist of the film, will attend the colloquium after the screening.

25 Sundays, “Centoventi contro Novecento” and special Juanjo Giménez

Thinking puts an end to six days, the most cinematographic day in cinema and football.

Italian film “Centoventi contro Novecento” directed by Alessandro Scillitani at 18:00. Two unique football teams came together in 1975. The crew of “Salò or 120 Days of Sodom”, the last film of Pier Paolo Pasolini directed before his tragic murder, is against the crew of Bernardo Bertolucci’s masterpiece “Novecento”. Two films shot on the same days, several kilometers apart, leading to a deeply cinematic football match.

To wrap up, a special show for film director Juanjo Giménez, who will be attending the closing of Thinking as a special guest, starting from 8 PM. Short football films “Libre Indirecto”, “Máxima pena”, “Rodilla” and “Ascenso” will be screened before the colloquium.

Free entry

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