Although Nintendo and PlayStation have whetted our appetites with their own conferencesThe truth is, the video game industry still has a lot to say before the summer is over. So much so that we will be able to enjoy a long series of lectures from Thursday, September 15 to Sunday, September 18.

Many of these feature the most prominent developers and distributors on the market, while others may go unnoticed by the Western public. Be as much as you can remains particularly interesting if one wants to keep up with the industry.

However, since most of the broadcasts start first thing in the morning, they are often not adapted to the Spanish public. It will not be necessary to get up very early to see the most outstanding, so it will be enough to be a little careful not to miss anything.

Tokyo Games Show | Thursday, September 15

One of the biggest heroes of Thursday, September 15, is undoubtedly Xbox, though not alone, Both Bandai Namco and Capcom will talk about some of their upcoming releases. They are not expected to announce new IPs, but instead explore what we already know about previously announced games and/or their latest releases. In this sense, we will have to pay close attention to all three if we do not want to miss anything.

  • Opening: starts at 03:00
  • Keynote: Starts at 04:00
  • Gamera Games: Starts at 05:00
  • Japan Esports Association: Starts at 06:00
  • BenQ Japan: starts at 08:00
  • Japan Game Awards 2022: kicks off at 09:00
  • Xbox Streaming: Starts at 11:00 AM
  • Archosaur Games: Starts at 12:00
  • GREE: Starts at 13:00
  • Bandai Namco TGS 2022 Special: Start at 15:00
  • Capcom Online Program: Begins at 4:00 PM

Tokyo Games Show | Friday, September 16

On the face of it, it may seem less powerful, but the truth is that it has some of the most powerful Japanese developers today. KOEI has an enthusiastic audience that grows with each release. As SEGA and ATLUS experience a second youth. Capcom will continue to review its announcements. It may surprise us that 505 Games has managed to stand out as a distributor in the later stages. We may have big announcements, especially from Square Enix.

  • Prime Gaming: Start at 05:00
  • Night of Wonders 2022 -09:00
  • 505 Games TGS 2022: Starting at 11:00
  • Koei Tecmo Special Program: Starts at 12:00
  • SEGA/ATLUS – 13:00
  • Konami TGS 2022: Starting at 14:00
  • Square Enix Presents: Starting at 5 PM

Tokyo Games Show | Saturday, September 17

It may be the weakest day for those not looking for more well-known titles. For example, LEVEL-5 developed several Inazuma Eleven and Yo-Kai Watch games, HoYoVerse has conquered the world of multiplayer video games with Genshin Impact.among other publications.

  • D3 Broadcaster: starts at 04:00
  • Donut Games: Starts at 05:00
  • Qookka Fun: Starts at 06:00
  • Japan Game Awards 2022: Starting at 06:00
  • GungHo Online Entertainment: Starts at 08:00
  • Happinet: Starts at 10:00
  • HoYoVerse: Starts at 11:00
  • finger: start at 13:00
  • LEVEL-5: Starts at 14:00
  • Aniplex: Starts at 15:00
  • ProjectMoon: Starts at 16:00

Tokyo Games Show | Sunday, September 18

The final day will close with a slightly less extensive schedule and not many announcements are expected, but there may be other surprises to wrap up the post.

  • Online Experience Tour: Starts at 03:00
  • Japan Game Awards 2022: kicks off at 03:00
  • Japan Electronics College: Starts at 05:00
  • GungHo Online Entertainment: Starts at 09:00
  • 110 Industries: Starts at 10:00
  • Happinet: Starts at 11:00
  • Closing of the event – 12:00

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