Nordeus Top Eleven Football Manager 2022 is very popular during the summer holidays and also in the period between LaLiga, Cup, Champions League, Europa League and other matches. The title has always had millions of players.

Get a great start to your coaching career or help your season get off to a good start with our 11 smart Top Eleven tips. In the end, all that counts is winning victories, titles and of course, millions: without them, nothing works in Top Eleven Football Manager. Instead of juggling the ball, you play with the numbers and instead of scoring goals you sign contracts. Do it as star coach José Mourinho and lead your way from victory to victory.


Tip 1: The best team

When you start your managerial career at Top Eleven, you will be given a randomly selected team. Try to get the best team by ranking your players in their preferred positions. It makes sense to register at least two different formations so that you can easily react to your strengths and weaknesses and the composition of your opponents.

Make your strongest player the captain and assign the standard status (hopefully) to the current experts. Also, tailor the team’s tactics to the strengths of your players and formation. For example, if you don’t have skilled midfielders and forwards with strong head shots in the middle, it doesn’t make much sense to bet on the mids.


Tip 2: Transfer the king

Use your budget wisely and don’t buy top players, buy a few young talents. They are cheaper, tend to develop better, and advance your team in the long run. Make your transfer offers only shortly before the end and avoid bidding with other players. This just raises the price.

Competition drives prices up

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Tip #3: Compare first, bid later

Learn about new players before signing. Look not only at the star rating, but also at strengths and weaknesses in “skills”, “playstyle” and “stats”. Do they fit the position and your style of play? If you have gods in raids, you must also have a monster waiting on your opponent’s area to attack. Compare them with your own players via the VS button. Is it really a boost for your team and is it worth the money?


Tip 4: End contracts wisely

No risk, no win: This also applies to Top Eleven Football Manager. Sponsorship and TV deals are a good way to generate income. The more successful you are in your career, the better offers you will get. In addition, the contracts contain various bonuses, for example, for watching the game every day or for victory. Accept the sponsorship offers that best suit your playing style and earn more for you.


Tip 5: Invest wisely

Invest in your club facilities. Based on our experience, it makes sense to invest in education first. This will boost your players and create recovery packs so you can save a transfer or two. Next, you’ll also need to expand the stadium and infrastructure like fan shops and the like to generate more revenue.


Tip 6: Create a youth academy

You can develop young talents instead of selling expensive players. This can be done by establishing a youth academy, but the number of places is limited. That’s why it’s important to carefully select talents to build tomorrow’s stars.


Tip 7: Train champions

Train your team regularly, but in moderate doses so that it constantly improves. Organize training sessions in accordance with your formation and team tactics, and specifically to eliminate weak points. For example, if he likes to play on the wings, you should train his game on the wings and head shots.

Individual training of eligible players is a good way to develop their skills and therefore the entire team. The remaining players can regenerate and regain their physical form. On the other hand, you should keep your hands off speed training. This saves time, but units are random.

Develops your training team

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Tip 8: Recovery is a must

Do not overdo the training. This will tire your players and lower their fitness level. As a result, your performance in the game decreases and your risk of injury increases, which reduces your chances of winning.


Tip 9: Be a morale booster

The morale of your players is just as important as their fitness. Keep your players in a good mood, for example by having them play regularly; otherwise it will degrade its performance. The easiest and fastest way to eliminate this is, of course, a morale booster.

Here you can get free coins

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Tip 10: Check-in daily

Log into the game at least once a day to receive the usual bonuses. These come not only from your sponsors, but also as daily gifts. Every virtual currency you get for free will take you a little further in the game without having to spend real money or more time.

If you are willing to watch ads or recommend it to your friends, the game offers other ways to get free coins (Shop -> Free Coins).


Tip 11: Regular Events

There are regular offers and promotions in the “Events” menu option. For example, you can sign players on loan who can assist you in the event of a short-term injury. In addition, there are various events and challenges that offer bonuses for successful completion.

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