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Unicaja Málaga did its homework and beat Patrioti Levice 91-73 in the final of the preliminary stage. The Slovaks’ closest match on the scoreboard was five points, with the Malagas leading the entire game. Ibon Navarro’s team is currently in the Basketball Champions League group stage and forms part of group G.

Unicaja Málaga started the game well, both offensively and defensively. In the first three minutes of the match, they caught an 8-0 series. Ibon Navarro relied on Kravish, Osetkowski, Kalinoski, Perry and Barreiro for a mistaken starting five, as Carter had to face it in the first 19 seconds of the match. Kendrick Perry. The Malagas did a great job on the offensive rebounds, giving them more shooting opportunities.

Both teams were top scorers in the first quarter, ending 31-20. In the first half of the game, the typesetter’s problem was in direct block defense. The Slovakian team is a great striker from the three-point line, which they managed to use throughout the first half. Very deeply defensive by the Malaga people allowed Patrioti Levice to be 6 out of 15 from the 6.75m line before the break. Malaga’s coach needed two timeouts for the typesetter to increase the intensity of the defence, going from a 14-14 series to a 21-16 series, scoring 52-36 points in the light to enter the time-out.

Unicaja didn’t let the Slovaks get close to the scoreboard, and Ibon Navarro’s demand didn’t stop either. Even if he was 20 points ahead, he did not allow a failure in defense. Despite not increasing the lead in the third quarter and turning the 23-18 section in favor of the Malaga people, he took a step forward in the defense against the reprimands of the typesetting mechanic.

Malaga’s defensive play consists of creating situations of defensive superiority on the offensive field. They created some two-on-one situations during the match, but this put Unicaja at a greater disadvantage than Patrioti Levice. he often managed to get the ball out and stay in the attacking area with an advantage that they could not take advantage of.

Unicaja Málaga lost the last quarter (16-19), although the last quarter was similar to the previous ones in terms of defense. Ibon Navarro was not that successful in attack, they made mistakes both on the field and under the circle, at the end of the match he reduced his advantage with a score of 91-73 in favor of the Malaga people.

As always in recent games, all typesetting players contributed to the score. Five players finished in double figures: Djedovic (15), Osetkowski (13), Perry (11), Kalinoski (10) and Kravish (10). With a score of 19 points, the green team’s best player of the match was Nihad Djedovic with 15 points, 1 rebound and 3 assists. Dylan Osetkowski also stepped forward with a 16-point PIR and a 2 out of 3 shot.

From the Slovaks, as expected, The best was Deshawn Freeman with 26 points. He added 13 points to the lights, had 13 rebounds and had 5 assists. He was overtaken by teammate Miha Lapornik, who scored only 17 points.

Living up to expectations, Unicaja Málaga is definitely part of the Basketball Champions League Group G, which will face the green team with the Greeks from PAOK Mateco, the Italians from Dinamo BDS Sassari and the French from JDA Bourgogne Dijon. For now, the people of Malaga should start thinking about the Spanish league. The next game they see on the horizon is next Friday, September 30, at 7:00 pm. Cazoo vs Baskonia Fernando Buesa Arena is in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

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