Vela Games presented the first title of the study, EVERCORE Heroes: A competitive and unique PvE game where we will fight to prove that we are the best hero team in the world.

Set in a rich science and fantasy world called Lumerea, the game breaks new ground by combining real-time, skill-based team play and MOBA action with cooperative MMO dungeon adventures.

To get an idea of ​​what the game has to offer, you can take a look here. first cinematic trailer With the theme “We Are All One” EVERCORE HeroesPlayed by Secret Citizens:

About EVERCORE Heroes you can try this week

EVERCORE Heroes It is being developed by Vela Games, a Dublin-based studio founded by Travis George, Lisa Newon George and Brian Kaiser.

The team consists veterans professionals who have worked before Riot Games, Electronic Arts, Epic Games and Blizzard Entertainmentdevelopers with decades of experience creating multiplayer games played by hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

The CEO and co-founder of Vela Games spoke about the project as follows: Travis George:

Our goal has always been to create the game players truly want, even if it means breaking the mold.”

With EVERCORE Heroes, we’re building a unique multiplayer experience that combines skill-based cooperative play and competitive play in a new way. And after more than two years of receiving great feedback and feedback during initial testing, we’re excited to finally share the game with the world.

If you are interested, don’t worry, you will soon be able to. Try it first hand on the weekend of October 13-16; just register network Y conflict of the EVERCORE Heroes. If you join Discord, you’ll have a better chance of being selected for this weekend’s special playtest.

Inside EVERCORE Heroes, Teams of four players simultaneously compete against each other in a new session-based PvE experience. To win we will need to evolve our heroes, recharge their Evercore and defeat dangerous bosses. The best teams will work together to find the best setup and strategy by balancing their own strengths and making it harder for other teams to fight.

We will be able to choose from several lists of heroes who will fight in different environments, from forests and snowy hills to lush forests and fantastic gardens, each with unique characteristics and powers.

Today first eight heroes introducedamong them:

  • shadow: Shade is an expert assassin with a goal he’s worked on his entire life. Shadow rushes in and out of battle, piercing through his enemies and fleeing battle in seconds.
  • fn: Old tales speak of an indestructible hero, a wall that protects everyone who needs him. Armed with the power of her shield, Fyn dashes forward, pulling enemies in and protecting her teammates from danger.
  • zari: Zari is the inventor of the solar arc technique. Teaching Hydris’ most adept legions of warriors her signature martial art, Zari uses her abilities to inflict massive ranged damage to both single targets and small groups of enemies.
  • backhoe: The mysterious Beko is secretly an ancient spirit of renewal. In his lantern, he carries a spark of Miraluum, the healing light he uses to protect his team members with various healing abilities.
  • Blink: Blink loves punching so much that he has made it his profession. Blink specializes in crowd control, with abilities that, in addition to punching, drag and stun enemies.
  • rummy: Bios Expeditionary Corps is used under extreme conditions, but only Remy has the speed, strength and composure to operate under the pressure of using the latest Bios medical technology. Speedy Remy goes into battle to save his teammates with health packs and control abilities.
  • Lotus: Despite being on the throne, Lotus broke a thousand-year-old tradition by leaving the royal house of Everae to join the other Heroes in their quest to save the world. The versatile Lotus uses both physical strength and magic to heal her team at short range during battle.
  • cylinder: If he wants you to find Cynder, you can find him at Noktra’s legendary underground club, Blue Ember. Cynder is adept at taking down large groups of enemies using high magic damage and powerful area attacks.

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