Inside Chapter 3 – Fortnite Season 4: Paradise, a mysterious substance appeared on the island. Chromium will consume everything and everything will be. Embrace chrome by converting builds to chrome, turning them into chrome and demonstrating the power of EvoChrome weapons.

pass through walls

Fortnite Chrome Wall

Wood, stone, brick and metal cannot match chrome. An enemy built a structure to defend himself? throw someone away chroma bomb walls to penetrate them. Go through the structure and surprise your opponent!

Fortnite Chrome Splash

Chrome bomb.

best shape of your life

Fortnite Chrome-ified

If they can’t beat to connect At him: throw a color bomb to color yourself. For a limited time they will be pure chrome, so they will be immune to fire damage and… cast chrome while running. Don’t let this molten form fool you. While in molten chrome mode, they will move faster, are immune to fall damage, and gain the airdrop ability. pushing each other go against and then through any building piece to chrome it.

home sweet chromehome

Fortnite Herald's Temple

Chrome isn’t just capturing points of interest, it’s also building one of its own. to go Herald’s Temple Stand on this tower (near the Abandoned Sanctuary) and dignified hexagonal foundations.

A new kind of high ground

Fortnite Cloudy Flats

Fearing chrome, some places on the island seek “safety” in the air, especially Condo Canyon. Attack this expanding POI from above (no longer Hanging Circle). Do you want to go up? to wear directional launcherin some parts of the island to help them ascend to higher ground.

Fortnite D-Launcher

Directional launcher.

better with age

Fortnite EvoChrome Shotgun

EvoChrome shotgun.

Introduction of chrome EvoChrome shotgun and EvoChrome blast assault rifle. Find these weapons at: chrome trunks and increase their rarity as you damage opponents with them. Develop them from the unusual to the legendary!

Fortnite EvoChrome Burst Rifle

EvoChrome blast assault rifle.

AEC Weapons (before the chrome era)

Some things before heaven are not so bad… Strategize from the past with vaulted weapons and returning Good Vibes weapons:

  • secondary gun

  • superior shotgun

  • lever shotgun

  • rapid fire machine gun

  • submachine gun with silencer

  • commando assault rifle

  • Hammer Assault Rifle

  • Designated Sniper Rifle

  • Hunter’s Bolt Action Rifle

  • Grenade

  • firefly jar

  • harpoon rifle

  • Stealth Tracker (Exotic Weapon)

  • Victory (Exotic Weapon)

  • Explosive Sniper Rifle (Exotic Weapon)

  • Boogie bomb (not technically a weapon, but looks like a weapon)

  • Shock Grenade (not a weapon, but here it is)

sniper loves

Fortnite Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper

Episode 3 – Season 1: The hunter’s bolt-action rifle that made its debut in Geri.

Speaking of weapons, we’ve increased the damage and headshot multipliers for all snipers (including those in the vault). Rejoice, expert marksmen, because now one shot may be all it takes to send someone back into the room. Keep your head up and if your aim is accurate, you can once again take down opponents with a single shot with certain snipers. (Even in zero build!).

  • Hunter’s Bolt Action Rifle: Headshot damage and multiplier increased

  • hunting rifle: Headshot damage and multiplier increased

  • automatic sniper rifle: Headshot damage and multiplier increased

  • lever rifle: Headshot damage and multiplier increased

  • silenced sniper rifle: damage increase

  • semi-automatic sniper rifle: damage increase

  • rail gun: damage increase

  • bolt action sniper rifle: damage increase

  • heavy sniper rifle: increased headshot multiplier

  • Storm Scout Sniper Rifle: increased headshot multiplier

  • explosive sniper rifle: increased explosive damage

Open the doors of success

Fortnite Case Keys

Turning to chrome isn’t the only way to unlock your potential. there is a good chance they will find keys by the island they can use to open vaults containing booty. this low security safes They need a key to open and high security safes they need two (in exchange for more objects). Where can they find this loot locked? After collecting one or more keys, you will see key symbols to guide you on your maps.

go to the shelter!

Fortnite Port-A-Bunker

Are they under enemy attack? Quickly open the lid portable shelterreplaces the portable castle this season. Launch the Portable Bunker to instantly create a 1×1 structure with reinforced metal walls, a versatile ramp, doors and defensive tires to repel possible invaders – no building required!

Chapter 3 Battle Pass – Season 4

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass

Build an eclectic team while enjoying paradise. By purchasing this season’s battle pass, you will unlock it immediately Paradigm (Fact 659)if chrome enemies are your thing… Advance through the battle pass to unlock Spider-Gwen and the following characters:

  • byte

  • gray

  • meow

  • lenox rose

  • twins

And don’t worry chrome enthusiasts: you’ll be able to unlock reporter after the season!

slider kick

fortnite slides

Yes, you will now push enemy players when you swipe into them!

competition grades

restricted hardware

Starting this season, players using restricted devices that provide or are designed to provide a competitive advantage may receive in-game warnings. To continue playing, players must remove the hardware and restart Fortnite. Any attempt to circumvent this restriction will result in a permanent ban from Fortnite. Restricted devices include, but are not limited to, Cronus Zen and Cronus Max.

We will continue to evaluate hardware devices that give players an advantage. Learn more about restricted hardware devices here.

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